Atomic Wallet - How to Buy Ethereum? Buy Ethereum with Credit Card!

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Hello, readers of my blog. In previous atomic wallet articles I described how to buy BTC with a credit card and transfer assets to other resources. This article will consider buying ETH.

This is a multi-currency wallet that supports most major cryptocurrencies and tokens of different projects. The platform interface is simple and user-friendly. At the moment, it supports more than 300+ tokens and periodically adds new coins. The application constantly updates and improves security, for the safe storage of users’ crypto active assets.
The Swap option is very convenient and helps you, for example, exchange LTC for BTC inside the wallet, without using exchangers. Swap Markets has user orders, and you can choose the right volume and price for you. There is also a great option to exchange cryptocurrency inside the wallet. We go to the exchange, choose an asset for exchange and for which cryptocurrency you want to exchange. The action takes place through the partners of the platform and does not take much time.
Mobile application you can download here

Decentralized wallet solution is a criterion of transparency, reliability, and security, in my opinion, the most important components for storing your assets. Atomic Wallet supports most blockchains (XRP, XLM, XMR, and others).
In more detail, you can familiarize yourself with the project on their official website
Great app for storing your assets. According to the developers, the security of your funds is fully protected. Everything is under your control, passwords are stored with you, you can restore the wallet using the mnemonic 12 words that you write down during installation. Read more about this and how it works here

Your safety is completely in your hands. Do not store keys and mnemonic words on the computer.
Compliance with decentralization makes this wallet private and I think users will appreciate the development of a team of project professionals.

This video will help you understand how to buy ETH

Go to the Buy crypto tab:
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After confirming your identity, you choose an amount that is automatically converted into euros or US dollars, then Simplex approves your request and exchanges.

Cryptocurrency can be bought with a credit card. Consider a purchase, on the example of the card Simplex. Simplex is a company that provides secure payment processing worldwide, with minimal risk and no fraud. The technology of this company has proven itself on the market from the positive side and allows you to process online payments, for users, with great speed and increased conversion of declined transactions. Among the partners of the system are well-known exchanges Binance, Kukoin, and many other companies. In more detail, on the official website

Simplex ensures that exposure to risk is reduced to zero and is responsible for returns in case of fraud. The project acts as a trusted guarantor of the transaction and makes a confirmation only when all parties report that the transaction was successful. The reputation of the platform can be judged by numerous well-known partners who cooperate with the company Simplex.
The collection of personal information is used to provide exchange services and prevent unauthorized actions. Information of users does not apply to third-party resources, and operates only within the system and is provided to companies that participate in a trade operation. At any time, you can delete your data, for this you need to write in support of the site.
When you first purchase ETH, you need to go through the verification process (only once). The minimum threshold for acquiring cryptocurrency is $ 50. Credit or debit cards, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Basically, the entire operation takes less than a day, but in most cases, much earlier. In less than an hour. If a problem arises, you will get a rejection and a full refund.

After confirming your identity, you choose an amount that is automatically converted into euros or US dollars, then Simplex approves your request and exchanges.

Atomic Wallet, eliminates the problem of interaction between different cryptocurrencies, it is a very convenient wallet that allows you to manage your assets in one place. Atomic Wallet charges you 2% commission.

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