Atom Collector Records Saturday Selection

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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

AoSW - Bowling Time / Make You by Swivelable

Times too often what's done has to be re-done and there seems like no moving forward. Nice to have friends and community in such occurrences. Lliam, Chad & Malcolm Jamming


Bowling Time
Oh Yea, I get it - it’s bowling time.
Set them up to knock them down
Your balls on the line.

That’s a comfy rug, looks might good
Step right on what you get
Your ass one the wood

This life is geared as give and take
The subsequent shatter comes
with every break

Cruelty speaks, the offer beguiles
Meant to pass on only
Meberance of smiles

I’ll take what I can get, enjoy while I can
Before times steals away
the final demand.

Make You
I’ll make you. so glad you
Asked me, oh ask me
No need to, go on through
past me, don’t pass me by.

It’s so good, It’s so fine
Works out right, down the line
Know this love, by it’s call
Draw near now, and have it all!

I know who you are, I know what you need
I got what you want, don’t be deceived
Leaving behind, the curses claim
Taking hold of what remains.

D Traction 2. by QT

A Bigger Purpose by @deezee42

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