My Future With You (feat. TTM) by FL15

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My Future With You (feat. TTM) by FL15

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I've got a girl who thinks it's Monday
even when it's a blatant funday
tried to help her to the next day
but her mind is made up now

Living your life, lost in your thoughts
Bracing yourself for the end of it all
Watching them grow, but then it thwarts
Falling on down, clutching our hearts

Hit the wall and bounce back laughing
you've got a girl that can't stand loving
mind yourself you don't grow boring
one mistake can kill your daydreams

Falling like bombs, breaking new ground
Crushing our thoughts, of making it safe
Clutching at straws, minds are on edge
We're on a ride that never ends

Made a mistake, time to relate
all the things we did before
crime to be quiet, making a riot
with all the pieces of our lives

Take your smile down, we're still here
Waiting for dawn that never comes
Hope we learn fast, or we wont last
This is not on, having a blast

Don't you know that, this our chance
To change mistakes, we made last fall
Reason says we're, the last of our kind
Now it's time, to ride our last horse

Go meet the girl that blows your mind now
It feels like the right thing for you to do
Go say what you want to make her want you
It can't be much worse than it was before
Go treat her like a proper lady
And not a vulgar stupid bore
Better cry with her when she's hurting
Don't make it worse than it was before

You made mistakes when you were hurting
But now it's time to mend them all
You broke each others hearts on impact
You never meant to make them sore


More about FL15:

FL15 is a rock artist, from France. He is a musician and singer-songwriter.
Main styles: Electronic Rock, Alternative and Alternative Rock.
Main influences: blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41, Box Car Racer, +44, Simple Plan.
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