Atom Collector Records Tuesday Selection

The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Crop Circles by @deezee42

The Quiet Lithuanians by Gerontius

Cheer Up by @unitedduality/

Actually, the title says it all.


Low lights are shadowing your face
Dull thoughts are leaving a trace
In a slow pace
Losing a race

Pick up whatever you’re hiding
And take a hold of your mind
Get up at last
Leave what has passed

Cheer up, not everything’s broken
Your soul is just bent
Your thoughts are just spent
You’ve got your intent
Wake up, not everything’s gone yet
Not everything’s set
So, come out of debt
And try to reset

Speed up, your shadow’s behind you
Your friend, it’s chasing you down
While you run around
Confused by the sound

Pass on the torch of your thinking
The fire, sheds light on your way
With you every day
Within what you say

Cheer up, you’re coming up short but
Don’t sew your heart shut
Let go of the doubt
And find your way out
Cheer up, some days are still dawning
You’re grinding your teeth
When there is no heat
Just cheer up and be

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