Iceland as Atlantis 2.0

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The phrase whereas once I was blind, now I can see points to how the human brain uses memes, a second replicator within darwinian evolution, as a form of cognition, “memetic cognition”, and so is therefore capable of adapting to many forms of environments through learning.

As the Earth radius increases, there is continental drift with new oceanic crust being added to the lithosphere between the continents.

Just as how the continent of Iceland [1] is being torn apart by two rift zones, from the north and from the south, the remnants of the continent of Atlantis can be found along the mid-Atlantic rift.

Besides the geological record, satellite imagery, and Iceland as a model for how continents are “engulfed” by rift zones, there is also a memetic record with Platos’ Timaeus that positioned Atlantis west of the Strait of Gibraltar, as well as accounts of the flooding from the event in the Veda and Thora, Bible, and also maps from the 19th century.

With technology such as global satellite imagery, seismic data, global communication networks, and so on, it is possible to track the events that lead up to the “engulfment” of Iceland, a tectonic event that will possibly be smaller in scale than the “engulfment” of Atlantis since Iceland is a smaller continent.


  1. Continental crust beneath southeast Iceland — PNAS
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