Everyone who participated in the 400 meters hit was disqualified

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Five people ran in one hit. After the race was over, there was no smile on anyone's face. The end of the race is not in the face of the capillin. Because everyone has been diagnosed! Such an incredible incident has led to the Indo-World Championship IAAF has acknowledged the first incident in athletics history.

The 2018 Indoor World Championship is going on in Birmingham The third hit of 400 meters was the attention of everyone. This year, who was at the forefront of the timing, was the brilliantly Taplin who was this hit. Expected to win gold, hoped to win gold, won the silver in Indore in 2016 and Abdelelah Harun, the bronze winner of the 2017 World Championship.

The rumble at the beginning Harun was dropped from 'False Start'. Before reaching the allowed limits, taplinera risked 'free' lanes. The rest of the three Steven Gayle, Alonzo Russell and Austrian Carpinskis - all dropped out of their respective lanes. Thus, the IAAF has dropped out of all the hits, in one word, 'unprecedented'!


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