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Hello Steemians! Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK about the mysterious events that have occurred many years before his death is a cult tv video that we are with you between the defeat of the Turkish War of Independence in the ranks of the Indian struggle an Indian Miharu. Despite the lack of impossibility, he was curious about the secrets of their heads on the road to freedom. They had come to occupy a few years ago, and now they had joined the foreign delegation to visit Mustafa Kemal Pasha to learn this secret and to get to know the victorious commander. Even though Ankara was the capital, Ataturk accepted most of the visitors and statesmen in Istanbul. Gazi was once the headquarters of the occupation forces in Tepebaşında Pera Palas in the hotel room 101 and opened its doors to all visitors. The year was 1929. Atatürk was deep in thought while watching the people passing by the window. Then the door was stolen, and the aide went inside and said, it An Indian miracle in Pasha wants to visit you. D Ghazi was surprised, at that time, with the British colony of India, except for the limited diplomatic relations with the non-official official has never had any young Republic. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, curiously, in Welcome inside. Edin, Afterwards he entered the Inner Knight with his interesting tuggy jungle and his gold embroidered dress. Coffees drank were chats. The problems of the period were discussed at length.

Atatürk's curiosity was admired by his place. The incoming enemy was a visitor. The defeated British armies of the War of Independence were visiting the chief commander of Maharaja victor. Before he came to the mirage, he was convinced that the pasha had enmity with them because of the wars. After the conversations, however, he became aware of Mustafa Kemal's belief in peace and humanity. After a while, the promise came to the culture and sociological structure of India, from there to the Esoteric teachings and the ancient history. Miracle, observing Gazi's interest in these subjects, gave comprehensive information about the Indian teachings. Then, the compassion of the pasha was Mazhar and a gold-embroidered pocket watch was presented to him by Ataturk. After this visit, he went to England and then to India, his homeland. After he returned to his country, he began researches to give a special gift against his gesture to Atatürk. Among the many choices were ordered to prepare a special gift for Atatürk to the official state priest of the period. The priest was also a panda. In India, Vedic astrologers were called pandits. Unlike the pasha's Vedic astrology, ie the western astrology, this author decided to map important events to an object. Astrology is a science and teaching form that illuminates within one's own potential, personal power and the reason for this life, while Indian astrology makes this journey through the soul, perceives the soul and the body as a whole, and takes the fate, the karma and the labyrinths of the soul. is an ancient and ancient type of astrology that incorporates it into the system. Indian astrology is a system of its own, a special mathematical calculus, a different but original astrology system that uses a different astronomical detail, and is not a branch or derivative of Modern Astrology known as Western Astrology.


The use of Western astrology and their interpretation are different. According to the principles of this doctrine, a prayer rug, which is specially prepared for Atatürk, is sent to Istanbul in the same year and is presented to Atatürk with a delegation. Gazi orders this gift to be presented in a suitable place by giving it protection. The prayer room is hung on the wall of room 101, where Atatürk stayed. There were elephant shapes on the edge of the carpet. But in the middle of the branch of the rose leaf stretches full prayer, while the forehead of the forehead prostrate in a round circle and the shape of a clock in which a certain shape of the hands of the scorpion is located. The Latin figures show the clock at 09.07. Moreover, there were eleven rods from the connection core of the hand and the hands of the scorpion. If the eleven bars indicated the… November ın, ın because it is the eleventh month of November. Also, the edges of the clock were decorated with 10 November flowers. The clock shows 09:05, and it is suggested by Atatürk that the subject of real death shows the moment.
Although Atatürk died on November 10, 1938, at 9 pm, it was his heart and his pulse stopped. In fact, brain death occurs in one or two minutes. Pera Palas was the size of a rug in the room no. 101, but the prayer rugs for the prayer were surprising ünde the moment of Atatürk's death Per. Nobody knew the secrets of the aforementioned prayer room at the time of the gift. The young Republic, which ravaged the reforms with Atatürk, was given the same day. It was full of information about how a person's fate would end. Some of the MPs who had seen the carpet before after the death of Gazi suspected the situation and threw these on the assassination of the Indians who couldn't persuade them. In the investigation, a notable crime phenomenon could not be reached and the file was concluded with disregard.

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