Those who never sleep... but are dreaming

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Entry for #aswcontest Abandoned Shit by @customnature weekly challenge: theme "Creepy". Self-portrait. I stand beside the sculpture so its size can be appreciated.

This picture was taken in El Parque de Los Desvelados (The Sleepless park) earlier this year. This photography in particular has been not previously released and I take the chance to share it to participate in @customnature "Abandoned Shit" a contest devoted to abandoned places, as this week's challenge is "Creepy".

I had already written an article about this eerie abandoned park full of giant skull sculptures in Navarra (Spain), a memento-mori made by Luis García Vidal, an sculptor obsessed with death who built these giant skulls and spent decades obsessively keeping and rebuilding them. Because of the materials used after his death the park has been "fading away" as the artist intended, and the shrubs used for the sculptures growing back as trees. The place is abandoned, but the fence is open... just an eerie do not disturb those who never sleep.

 - by Priscilla Hernandez ( - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Even its name "Those who never sleep" is creepy. The place has also junk from several accidents. And urban legends say the artist himself is now buried under one of the giant skulls.

Check an in depth article I wrote about El Parque de Los Desvelados some time ago on my feed

And here a collage and some impressions of the pictures featured there of the previous article if you want to check.


Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator
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Utterly Beautiful I must get to know you more!!!

Also...put those sbd dollars into steem and power up! keep sharing your beautiful life!

now this is interesting

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Thanks I made an in depth article of this place a while back but I edited a few new pictures as it fits so perfect in this week's #aswcontest challenge. It us so eerie, difficult to convey

Very creepy, great post

So creepy and SO awkward!

You are gonna win this week there girl!

I had already made an article about this place 2 months ago, before knowing about this contest, but as this week theme was "creepy" I took the chance to work on two previously unreleased pictures (first two). I think a read to the indepth article is worth, it tells a lot about the story, and it's soooo creepy! LOL more than the skulls themselves.

Those who never sleep...are there to haunt you :D

I always also get this type of feeling when I look at the statues on Easter island, do you know those as well?

Yes, I see it is the gargantuan disproportion of it

Those images are darker than we usually see from you but they have their beauty and the mystery behind them. Lovely.

I am most of the time more moth than butterfly ;) I had alrwady made an article if this place two months ago but edited new pictures for this week abandoned shit challenge. As it had to be this place.

this is so incredible <3

The first two pictures were previously unreleased and I take the chance to participate in this week "Abandoned shit contest" but I had already covered this place (and other abandoned places) in an indepth article. Link is included in the post.

Wow... what an amazing find.
These are so cool.

Many thanks for the images.

I wrote already an article about it a while back that is linked there but abandoned contest theme was creepy so took the chancevto edit new pics. It is half an hour from me, I write about abandoned places, preparing a massive extra long one now

It does make for wonderful background photos for the world that you write about, and sing about.

It is maybe a tad bit too literal, my underliving world is more a subtle shadow or a twisted branch, but definitely you can feel the obsessive energy looming out of fathomless eye sockets.

Very cool, but creepy!!!

Won't want to be left alone there for sure!!!

Beautiful pictures though... Well done!

Well the photocontest is about abandoned places and this week's theme is "creepy" hahah so I take that as compliment.

Hehehe... It was a complement.

❤️ haha yes creepy is good in this case ;)

Yes, there is something unsettling about those statues. Yet you can't turn away, can you?
science fiction, fantasy, erotica

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There is a link to a longer post, I reshared some new pics from it for one of my favorite themed contests on steemit as I love abandoned places.
Yes they are eerie but not in a Halloween kind of way but more disturbing, they are made to decay if not kept regularly which is what is happening since artist died some years ago, the messages in the park, crashed cars, baby pram, his obsession... The story is sad and fascinating

This is so beautiful... Wish there were places so neat near where I live. Though I do know this one spot... Hmmm.. Lol, might get arrested if I try to head back out there.. But it's been 30 years since the last time, so...


You mean you were in this park 30 years ago? I know there were many skulls that are no more, built and tumbled down by the sculptor. I have only seen his decaying legacy

I love these images and I also love these sculptures. I'll check out your previous post and wish to visit them too one day...Thanks for sharing! ♥

Those are beautiful and creepy as well! What a strange park!
Beautiful pictures, by the way, you did a great job!

There's something beautiful about a park full of depictions of death being allowed to slowly fade away and die. They are really creepy, but beautiful still. Park of the sleepless... Well, I know I couldn't sleep there... Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

The first two are new (to participate in the photo contest) the other comes from a previous post I made of this place which is much more complete. I have a fondness for abandoned places.

Greetings from Venezuela. I invite you to take a look at my first OpenMic post and support me: D and thanks in advance