NEW Theme! Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.16 - "Home Sweet Home!"

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This is my entry for this weeks ASW Contest. Theme: "Creepy." As soon as I saw that digital editing was allowed to emphasize the 'Creepy' component of this challenge I knew exactly what I would submit.

I hope this doesn't give anyone nightmares!

WM Creepy Abandoned.jpg

This is my original photo......prior to the 'Creepy' squatters invading this abandoned house.

WM abandoned home .jpg

Thank you for viewing. Have a great day!

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It is a scary looking place, Trudee. Roof looks to be steel - that would keep the rain off the squatters.

Its probably a mixture of scary and weird Joanne. (: The roof is made of corrugated iron and I doubt its ability to keep the rain off the squatters in its present state, but they look like the type that could survive anything. Many thanks for the kind upvote and resteem my friend.