Chained Tree's Revenge

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The chain was already embedded in this tree ten years ago, when the current owners bought the house it lives behind. I suspect the tree had been chained together in an effort to fix it from splitting and prevent portions from falling on to the house or garage. On September 6, 2015 a large limb from the tree, nearly a third of it, fell. Fortunately, aside from some very minor roof damage to the house, the only casualty was a barbecue grill. These picture are taken several months after the large branch broke off, showing the chain still holding on tightly.

A large rusted steel chain embedded into a tree
(click for higher quality)

A tree with a large rusted steel chain wrapped around it fused into the tree in places
(click for higher quality)

A hook end from a chain embedded half way into a tree
(click for higher quality)


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