CISCO Ghost Town - Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest

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CISCO Ghost Town - Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest

Art is never Finished, only Abandoned

The Journey from Grand Junction to Moab and our journey towards highway 128.
Before We arrive at a junction on highway 128. We pass through CISCO
The town was built and developed around 1880 as a saloon and water filling station for the western railways owned by American Class 1 railroad Company D&RG - Denver and Rio Grande.


The town was slowly used as work crews started flowing in and added to the travelers. It was obvious point of increased growth of stores hotels and restaurants. The cattle ranches started moving to CISCO and at a point of time CISCO sheared around 100 thousand sheep before being shipped to the main market


The very important factor was the demise of Locomotive Steam engines. And the construction of Interstate 70

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This is my entry for the Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest by @customnature

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