My entry to ASW Contest - №.13 - 'Stairs!' #aswcontest

in aswcontest •  2 years ago 

Hello and Welcome all...

@customnature announced a new theme in his fantastic Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest #aswcontest - and I am all in!

New subject are 'Stairs' - I needed jut a half minute to search my archives for this shot, taken few years ago in norwegian forests called Bymarka near the Trondheim city.
I have no idea where and what was standing there, but the stairs remains in a very well condition. The tree on a side can be a clue - it is a spruce, with this size, it has around 80-120 years. Near the stairs are also ruined basements of two other buildings so it could be a farm or an old turists hut of some sort.

Left click on the image to view in Full Screen mode!

And a little closer view of the same steps and the tree on a side.

Left click on the image to view in Full Screen mode!

Thanks for watching guys, I hope You liked it! Good luck to others and have a great day!!

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