Rust- The True teller of time

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Hello Steemians!!! I am back with another entry for the Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest!!!


I found this rust baby near Circleville, Utah not far from Butch Cassidy's childhood home. Not sure exactly what you call this. It is obviously a conveyor belt and hopper used in mining. Mining what I am not sure. A quick Internet search for the area says that there have been over 10,000 closed mining claims in the area. There are still some claims that are active. The mining claims are for Uranium, Silica and of course gold



Circleville has a bloody past which is common place throughout most early settlements of Utah. The Mormon's were the first settlers to set up shop and of course skirmishes with the Natives ensued. The Black Hawk War lasted for 7 years in this region, and was one of the bloodiest battles in the 1800's between Mormon settlers, Ute and Piute natives




When I come across old artifacts, caves, mines etc, I pause and reflect on the hardships encountered by generations past. Their lives were hard, and they worked hard for what they earned. Makes me realize the things we take things for granted in our modern age. Rust is the true teller of time. It is a witness of all that has gone before us, and a reminder that the human existence is a limited one on this planet we call home

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