Exploring The Abandoned City Of Pripyat / Chernobyl - Creepiest Ghost Town

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Introducing a new photo series covering an amazing trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat in October 2017. A trip I will never forget. While making pictures you soak up the atmosphere of a living story, a modern day Pompeii. A ghost town overtaken by nature, beautiful scenery with a dark history. Today part one, in black & white.

Once the most expensive city in the Soviet Union, Pripyat (Ukraine) was abandoned ~32 years ago because of the Chernobyl accident, which caused radiation to cover the city. Pripyat was located just 3km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Almost 50,000 people had to be evacuated quickly. Therefore all things remained in their places. The town is still there and looks incredibly creepy, especially at night.

The city features in a lot of video games, horror movies, and documentaries, and for the right reasons so. The nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant made it a ghost town. Stepping into offers an unforgettable and eerie experience. I want to showcase my photography taken during a trip to this town and its surroundings. Come venture into the unknown with me and see if you can survive the dangers of Pripyat, while the streets are stalked by ghosts according to some legends....

All photography in this article is original and mine

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Ghost towns fascinate me

very sad

Goood photo

very good @martinphoto, photographic documents of great effect and intensity. This is one of the most interesting from the qualitative and expressive point of view. It reminds me a lot of Andrej Tarkowskij's film "Stalker" ( vote these photos easily)


Thanks for sharing a unique experience through your haunting photos.

please follow me and vote for vote

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I really like your content. Greetings of friendship

So cool and creepy! Must have been one amazing trip!!

STALKER always in my heart <3 tip!

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Very scary a city inhabited by ghosts. I read your post so scary. I was dreaming of a dead city with no residents.

Cela donne la chair de poule... très effrayant
Merci pour ces photos

That are some really good Photos!

Some truly powerful photography right there.
The first one, poor dog.
How did you even get there. Ive seen some photos of this town (probably the most famous ghost town in the world) but i have read that you need permission and an escort to enter there. I think Vice had a documentary on the town few years back and you can see the literal shocking effects of the catastrophe on wild life and area in general.
There was something about not having the permission to stay there longer then a few hours...

I bet going around that amusement park is quite eerie

Apakah benar begitu ?

Great pictures, and love the swirl bokeh.
What lens are you using to get that?

What an amazing opportunity. Look forward to seeing more

Me encantaron las fotos, son fantásticas.. felicidades..

Great photos!

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Looking so scary
What a place is this please

Wow. So many hidden histories in those places. Amazing!

Now, this is really strange. I honestly think I've seen these pictures appearing on a different blog along with the information that this was shot using an Infrared Camera in Pripyat.

This seems so scary !
Just like in the movies !
Great photos!

These are fantastic pictures. Sad and interesting at the same time.

So creepy... it's scary to think that, once, that city was like anyone else, with people living, children playing, houses and shops. "Will my city will be like this in some years?" is what it makes me think and it's a saddening thought. I'm glad that your photography made me feel emotions, even if these emotions are melancholic.

Beautiful composition that you give us, with arguments that exalt the history shown in these images, you can see the background in each segmented image, with that sublime touch of solitude and dreary scenarios. Thanks for sharing and successes

woww, that's insane. It's hard to fathom that a town where humans used to live and memories were made just came to destruction like that. 😢

Poor dog in the first picture ):


I think you captured the character of the place very well. The decision to go black and white does accentuate how bleak and sad this town and its history are. Good job, those pictures gave me shivers !

The first picture got me!

iiiii ..... Creepy!!!!!!!!!

nice place to stay

like your tone


Wow this photo's are dope!!