Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №. 17 - Vehicles! #aswcontest

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Woohoo! I came across this abandoned shit weekly contest when I first joined Steemit. I didn't have a photo that fell within the guidelines and somehow the contest never appeared on my feed again. I mean, I'm sure it has, but I haven't seen it. Still working on purging my following list from when I used to follow every single person (bot) that ever clicked on any part of my blog, lol.

Well, it was meant for me to see this week's post by @customnature. If you're not familiar with this contest, please check out the original post and rules here: https://steemit.com/aswcontest/@customnature/reminder-abandoned-shit-weekly-contest-17-vehicles-ends-sunday-aswcontest

(Hey, how do I turn that long ass website address into one of those pretty clickable links in the word. Like "Here" or "Original Post"?)

The category this week is VEHICLES, and guess what? The photo I had wanted to submit a few months back is now getting it's time to shine!


I came across this car while exploring a secret place. I fucked up and took a motion photo which Google then turned into this black and white mess and I cant decide if I like it or not. So here it is in color, too.


There was also a realllllly cool truck cap thing that goes over the bed of a truck, too. It had sharp, straight edges and was taller than your average cap. Double doors in the back, and more windows than metal. I wanted it so badly, but Alfredo convinced me it was too big for my baby Tacoma. I just scoured my photos for evidence of this amazing piece but I can't find it. Probably deleted it so it wouldn't tempt me to go try and get it myself. I can't even find anything remotely similar online so now I'm really regretting not trying to at least lift the thing to see if it would be moveable.

Deadline to enter this contest is Sunday!!!



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I love that contest! And your entry is so great, I especially like the black and white version.

thank you, darling!!! makes me want to go out searching for more abandoned shit :D

Yo, that's a Fallbrook taxi. I hear they hide in the underbrush.
Nice time warp too. Going back to 1930's for the first shot.
Love wandering the underbrush up there.
Very Cool.

Thank you! There have been quite a few cool pieces I wanted to dust off and bring home with me but never had the courage to root them out of the dirt. I hear there are tarantulas in Fallbrook.

I grew up playing in San Diego hills and have seen a few. They tend to want to avoid us. It you're digging around in shit, wear leather gloves. Just a generally good idea. ..and not specifically for tarantulas (which are, while very creepy, fairly inocuous. My uncle was a high school biology teacher and he had one on a leash he would walk the halls with. Uncle Bob...he was very funny. :-))
At my convention (yes, for dentists - and don't gag. It's also how I lost time and energy for the selfie/story contest. ) I saw a classmate of mine who has a dental practice in Fallbrook. Very good guy, let me know if you need his info.

you're comment and convention couldn't have come at a better time! I just lost a giant metal filling from one of my back teeth eating popcorn, lol. I was told years ago that it should be replaced because of the material, so I guess now is the time lol. please share! Does he take medicaid by any chance?

Damn. Okay. John and Susan Duling are husband and wife. He's the dentist, she's the hygienist. #760-728-9558 . I don't know what plans they accept, but give them a try. Good Luck!

perfect, thank you!!!

Where is this car and may I have it? ;) I love the BW pic.

Thank you! I'll ask if you really want it :D

I love the black and white version!

Thank you!!! xo

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