Abandoned Crane.

in aswcontest •  10 months ago 

On my travelles around Australia a few years ago i found this old abandoned crane and looks like it has been a long time since it was used.


My entry in this weeks abandoned contest #aswcontest by @customnature.

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Cool it's like an old dinosaur, cheers mate.

One could see that in it :)

Does look like it has been there a long time, also seems dangerous with the arm up in the air like that!

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No not very safe as it will coloapse at some point.

I watched a little tv last night for the first time in ages, and it was a Aussie haulage show, that had some scrap in the middle of nowhere, like tonnes of it, and said it cost more to ship it than it was worth to recycle it.

That is true mate, and when i was working on big road tunnel boring machines some just bored of to the side when tunnel finnished and they get buried as it is cheaper then getting it out.

Wow that is amazing, and would never happen in the UK, though the UK is tiny all the same.

Seems like a big waste though the tunneling machines are rather worn out buy the end and would require a full rebuild.

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