NEW Theme! Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.11 - 'Water!' #aswcontest

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It's back! After a solid 10 weeks of awesome abandoned shit content flooding Steemit, we took a week off. I had several unforgiving deadlines come up with my work and wasn't able to spend much time on here. That's all over with now, though! It's time for a new theme and it is one that was voted on by contest participants. Let's dive in... no pun intended (you'll see why in a minute).

The Contest:

This is NOT a photography contest. The subject matter is what's being judged with the Abandoned Shit Weekly contest, not one's skills with a camera. Honestly, I just want to see some cool abandoned shit. lol HOWEVER, as with any photograph, the "wow factor" can certainly be enhanced with a technically sound execution. Simply put, winners won't be chosen strictly on artistry.

The Prizes:

1st Place = 10.000 SBD
2nd Place = 5.000 SBD
3rd Place = 2.500 SBD

The Theme:

This week's theme = Water! Your photo of an abandoned subject must SOMEHOW be related to water. This theme could be a difficult one, but it doesn't have to be if you get creative. I'll be very flexible on the qualifications for this one. It just needs to be related to water in some way. Obvious ones would be a boat or dock. But it can also be a water tower. How about an old swimming pool or fountain? An old well? A bridge that went over water? Even a lake/ocean/river in the photo WITH the abandoned thing. See what I mean? Lets see what ya come up with!

The Rules:

Rule #1 = Your abandoned shit photo must be posted using the tag #aswcontest for one of your tags. This is crucial so that your entry can be seen/found!

Rule #2 = Your photo must be taken by YOU. If you take an imagine from the internet and use it as your entry into this contest, you will be disqualified and I will flag you.

Rule #3 = Only ONE entry per user, per week. Save some content for future contests!

Rule #4 = Tell us what we're looking at! You don't have to write a novel, but let us know what the picture is of, and where you found it. That's the most interesting part! Equipment and camera settings can be included at your discretion, but is not necessary.

Rule #5 = Stick to the weekly theme!.

The Time:

When = New ASW contests will start on TUESDAYS and will end at 11:58pm EST on SUNDAY. Winners will be announced on Monday with awards distributed then as well. I figure it's a good way to start the week!


HELP! - I'd really like this contest to become an established, weekly feature. Resteeming the official contest announcement post here would be a huge help in getting the word out, though you do not HAVE to in order to participate in the contest. I'm just asking as a favor. Also, just mentioning the contest in/on your entry post would help a lot!

New Discord Channel

Want to chat about Abandoned Shit? Swap stories/locations? Make suggestions for the contest or themes?? Join me on the official ASW Contest Discord channel here: ABANDONED SHIT WEEKLY CHAT

That's it! Let's see some cool abandoned stuff! Good Luck!

^^^Here's the photo I used for the contest logo above. It was taken in Alaska. This rather large boat was sitting at the edge of the forest and sea. I would love to know it's story and why it was left behind.

Make sure to follow @customnature to keep up with all Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest happenings!

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Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

When we follow, that means our posts will be reflected?

You just need to use the #aswcontest tag for your post to be found!

Resteemed as a bookmark. I'll come later

Great! I hope you're able to participate. 🙏

Interesting approach and interesting combination.
Creating value from that which was abandoned. Transforming the physicaly discarded into digital assets. Reclaiming worth by merely acknowledging existence.

I never really thought of the value creation part. Thanks for the insight. It's always surprising to see how many people are fascinated by abandoned man-made objects though. There must be some kind of deep seated trigger hidden in our psyche.

The funny thing is at one point that boat was probably someone’s pride and joy

Seriously. Plus it was probably really expensive back in its day.

I will try it

Good luck!

I've followed him, Thank you

Fun theme this week. Looking forward to getting out there and trying to find something to photograph.

Always look forward to seeing what you find!

Weather is messing with us in Chicago. They are even talking possible snow tonight. Makes getting out there harder when it's wet and cold, but hope to get out there.

Wow this is amazing. I will try and participate in this week's contest.

Sweet! I hope you find something cool to post.

Hey there @customnature!

I love this post! I sometimes photograph abandoned gloves, and think about the people with one cold hand.

I will keep my eyes peeled for some cool abandoned ship, or shit... 😁

Thanks for organizing this contest, and good luck to all the contestants.

Glad you like the contest. I hope you find something cool to enter!

I will keep an eye out for this one in Mexico!

Awesome! Wow, did you guys actually end up going?!

Leaving tomorrow morning!

I love asw. I've been waiting for this. The last theme that I participated was abandoned buildings

That one was a long time ago!

Yes, because those previous challenge was difficult to find here in our place.

Thanks really wishes to participate in this competition today i will work on it

Thanks! Good luck!

Im not skill in photograph but i like to take a pic, maybe i will join it

Great! You don't have to be skilled. This is not a photography contest. :) Good luck.

oke i will try i found something abadone :)

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I waited eagerly for the upcoming contest. But the topic is bit difficult to find... I will try to shoot a good one... Wish me luck!

Cant wait to see what you come up with!

Thanks a lot

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This one couldn't be use anymore.

Yes u are right

I will keep an eye out for this 1

Hello sir, this is my entry foe contest.
I hope you like it :))
check it out :


This is my entry for this weekly contest.

Please click below my post:

Nice entry...Really its abandoned boat

Yes it is.

My entry is from a boat that someone anchored and left to rot off the coast of San Diego. I swam out to investigate and it had been taken over by pelicans, was caked with literally inches of bird shit, and smelled awful. Below deck, there were tools and home furnishings that someone had left behind. It has since sunk, but it was a great adventure!

I will try to participate ...

Try to find good one

yes I will try

very nice contest I am very interesting after reading your post this

I will try to find some awesome stuff around and to be fit in this week's contest..hoping though! @customnature.. :)

wau......fantastic contest.... i hope can for participate...
great post and good job...
i want to resteem your post....thanks for sharing

This photo it took from me 3hours to find really this time not easy contest. Thsnks for nice comment&thanks for resteeming my post.

Hi aws fans! This is my entry
@customnature, please have a look and tell me if it qualifies. If not, I have something else. Since this week's theme is not an easy one, I need your opinion on this. Thanks!

This week's theme is "water" and the abandoned objects should be realted to it somehow. Keep these cable car photos for another week though!

Sorry i missed your last weeks contest my account was hacked and was very lucky to get it back minus my monies of course but grateful to be back here on Steemit.

So this is my week -11 entry.

Here's my entry...

There's no visible water in my photo but lots of really cool old unused water/ocean/ship/boat related items... the more you look, the more you find! I found this really cool stash in the small coastal town of Chinderah in NSW, Australia. I'm interested to see if anyone can identify the figures in the photo, where and what they're from?


An image with 30 results on TinEye certainly does warrant suspicion. I have removed the flag after your proof-of-ownership though.

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