New CONTEST! - Abandoned Shit Weekly - 35SBD Prize Pool. Episode No. 1 #aswcontest

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 *** Remembering the Forgotten ***

   Hi everyone!  Like 2/3 of the people here on Steemit, I have decided to host my own contest. lol  I know there is a lot of contests all over the platform... in fact, my brother @kommienezuspadt made the joke that he was going to host a "Best Contest" contest.
  ANYWAY, as many know, I'm a big nature enthusiast. That being said, I love coming across places where nature is reclaiming works of man.  Abandoned houses, buildings, vehicles, parks, zoo, etc.  Maybe its because in those moments, it seems like a rare instance where nature is winning.  Also, I feel like a lot of people have a fascination with abandoned places.  There's a whole "urban exploration" genre of youtube videos that feature exactly this.  I'm aiming to get a little more of this stuff into the Steemit world. 

The Contest:

  Post your photos of abandoned shit! It can be of houses, vehicles, parks, cities... anything abandoned.  This is NOT a photography contest.  The subject matter is what's being judged with the Abandoned Shit Weekly contest, not one's skills with a camera.  Honestly, I just want to see some cool abandoned shit.  lol  HOWEVER, as with any photograph, the "wow factor" can certainly be enhanced with a technically sound execution.  Simply put, winners won't be chosen strictly on artistry.  

The Prizes:

1st Place = 20.000 SBD
2nd Place = 10.000 SBD
3rd Place = 5.000 SBD

The Rules:

Rule #1 = Your abandoned shit photo must be posted using the tag #aswcontest for one of your tags.  This is crucial so that your entry can be seen/found!
Rule #2 = Your photo must be taken by YOU.
Rule #3 = Only ONE entry per user, per week. Save some content for future contests!
Rule #4 = Tell us what we're looking at!  You don't have to write a novel, but let us know what the picture is of, and where you found it.  That's the most interesting part! Equipment and camera settings can be included at your discretion, but is not necessary. 

The Time:

When = New ASW contests will start on TUESDAYS and will end on SUNDAY.  Winners will be announced on Monday with awards distributed then as well. I figure it's a good way to start the week!


HELP! - I'd really like this contest to become an established, weekly feature.  Resteeming the official contest announcement post here would be a huge help in getting the word out, though it is not necessary to participate in the contest.  I'm just asking as a favor.  

That's it!  Let's see some cool abandoned stuff! Good Luck!

^^^This is the photo used for the ASW Contest logo. It was taken in this awesome, abandoned 5 star hotel that we found on a mountain top in the Azores.

Make sure to follow @customnature to keep up with all Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest happenings!


This really is a great idea. I posted with the aswcontest tag and resteemed this post. Thanks!

Cant wait to see it! Thanks for helping to spread the word too...

Hello @customnature! I just seen this cool
contest on @victorbz post!
Your contest looks very interesting and I'm
sure we can find something abandoned
here in Alaska :-)

Thanks! And hell, even I have photos from abandoned shit in Alaska.. and I was only there for a few days!

this is so cool! its time for those forgoten to be the idea of this contest 👍👍👍

Outstanding idea for a contest. I, too, have a fascination with abandoned shit, and this will give me reason to go exploring. Super stoked to get in on this one. Great idea.

Excellent! Glad we share he same mindset. Can't wait to see what you discover!

I already have my post ready and prepped for tomorrow! Will link here after I post. Excited for this contest. Feeling so inspired right now.

"Inspired" is certainly a reaction I didn't expect, but it's awesome! Especially if it gets people out exploring some ruins. :)

I love urban exploring! a buddy of mine introduced me to it. He went to paris and spent the whole two weeks in the catacombs. Alas, theres not much cool deserted shit where I live, from what I have seen, Detroit is the place to be or any old soviet spots. Look forward to seeing the submissions!

Oh I'm sure there's plenty of abandoned shit where you live. If there's man, they're surly is refuse not far behind. It doesn't have to be "urban". Some of my favorite abandoned shit is rural/country stuff!

Thank you for the contest,am going to participate!!

Great! Please do!

Thanks you for the post, am going to contest,

This is a great idea, I love it and I'm definitely contesting

Great! I'm really hoping people will partake. I'd hate for this project to end up being a flop.

I love this idea! A perfect place to photograph comes to mind that was washed away by a flood in my early childhood, but I think the roads are closed from snow storms! Ooh I have pics of an old abandoned movie set too. Now to just find the images.

Love your contest but then can't help but feel like one of those people that add to your brothers "best contest" contest remark. Lol.

Im definitely joining this one... Got a few photos in mind already hehehe.. Thank you for sharing this contest sir

That's great! Don't post them all at once! I'd like to get several weeks out of this brainchild, if not a few years.

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