Powers of Ten, The classic 1970's Magnitude Exploring Adventure — Steemit

Powers of Ten, The classic 1970's Magnitude Exploring Adventure

in astronomy •  11 months ago

Some of us may remember a classic adventure, "Powers of Ten".

If you've never seen this rather famous video it's a great short watch that starts from earth(Chicago) and a thrilling perspective change as it zooms out over a million light years in the Universe. At the farther point our own galaxy becomes not even visible.

The 2nd portion of the video does a similar perspective on our own human body & skin.

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Wow excelente y magnifico. He quedado asombrado. Saludos desde Venezuela y un gran abrazo. Soy tu seguidor!

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A sci-fi oldies from the 70's? Looks interesting, educational even. I'll definitely gonna take a look. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.

very informative post we have got valuable guidelines to have success in future

I did see such video related to the universe earlier but the one related to human body is new for me. I mean I just can't imagine how tiny we are and there are infinite of things to know in this universe but still we fight for some stupid ideology rather exploring such exciting facts!!! thanks for sharing such valuable post man!! I really enjoy such videos and facts!!! A big VOTE!!

I love this video🙌🙌🙌 back in the day this was better than the Planet earth and Blue planet docs 😄💫✨

One of my favorite videos. It helps put everything into perspective.