How Big Is The Universe?

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The universe: It is infinitely huge and contains everything we know and maybe much more. But how big is it? Does it have a border or a center and does it really expand?

The universe is big, no question, only the planet we live on, the earth, has a diameter of about 13,000 kilometers and our corresponding sun already 1.4 million kilometers. Together with the other planets in our neighborhood we have the solar system, which extends over 300 astronomical units. One astronomical unit, in short AU, stands for the mean distance earth-sun, i.e. 150 million kilometers.

Our galaxy, the milky way, with its approximately 300 billion estimated stars (for now, this can change in the future), has a size of 100 thousand light years. The distance in which the light travels in 100,000 years. Together with at least 70 other galaxies, our milky way forms a cluster of galaxies called the local group, which covers an area of about 10 million light years. But it can be even bigger. At least 100 such galaxy clusters form a supercluster. It has a breathtaking 200 million light years in diameter.

But even that is small compared to the so-called galaxy filaments. These huge spiderweb-like structures run through the whole universe. The largest filament discovered to date is the Hercules Corona Borealis Great Wall and extends over an unimaginable distance of over ten billion light years.

This astronomical wall and the structures mentioned now form the universe, or better said, the universe we can observe. But in fact we are not in a position to grasp the universe in its entirety. The reason for this is the temporal origin of 13.8 billion years, ago. The light of the observed objects in the sky above us can therefore only have been on the move for a maximum of 13.8 billion years. One could therefore conclude that the objects we see are no more than 13.8 billion light years away and that the observable universe ultimately extends over 27.6 billion light years. But it doesn't. Due to the expansion of the universe, i.e. the expansion of space and time.

Out of singularity, everything in the universe moves away from each other. Similar to painted dots on a balloon that you inflate. The source of the light that was sent 13.8 billion years ago is now 46.6 billion light years away. The observable universe is therefore 93.2 billion light years in size and grows with every second.

We have no idea about the real size, the boundaries and the center of the observable universe. What hides behind our horizon is beyond our imagination and the universe itself have probably no limits, we don't know it.

But let us agree that the universe is simply unimaginably large and that you are probably nothing in relation to what surrounds you. But hey, look at it positively! At least you are the center of your own observable universe! And that is all that matters!


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How big is the universe? That's a question that probably wouldn't be answered in our lifetime. Still, the endless possibilities is thrilling.

I liked your post. It has always baffled me what was before the Big Bang, and what lies beyond the actual expanding universe. I am guessing we will never know......

it will most likely remain for us an unanswered mystery @triabot :)

Еще одна интересная тема от автора. Мне нравится все что относится к вселенной и черным дырам. И это самое загадочное что человек никогда не поимет. Может это и к лучшему. Спасибо автору, С меня лайк и репост

ty @asaman :)

It is infinite for all we know.

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The size of the universe is truly unfathomable... I say this because my closet is in the universe and I can't even fathom all the crap that's in there. :P

That's a question that probably wouldn't be answered in our lifetime


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When we have a look at the numbers it seems incredible. Then they say we are alone in the universe... how self-centered the human being is?

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yeah, the human being is sometimes in some points very strange and special :)))

how true that there is life in mars?

i don't know @rehum1990. there is water - and where water is, there could be life possible. :)

Consider that water is the base of our life system. Couldn’t there be other life systems based on other elements?
Assuming that, life could be everywhere! :)

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there thoughts that maybe life based on silicium could also be possible. but why shouldn't it be possible with other elements? we should therefore be open to it and not measure everything according to our own ideas/imaginations/thoughts.

Yaziniz gercekten harika.Ben bir zamanlar zaman genislemesi ve daralmasi konusunda arastirma yapmistim.Bunu genel sade bir dille kelimelere dokmek gerekirse, eskiden zamanlar daha uzunmus ve simdi zaman cok cabuk geciyor diyoruz.Bu da yine evrenin genislemesi, zamaninda, evrenin genislemesiyle degismesi anlamina geliyor.Ve bunu dediginiz gibi anlamlandirmak cok zor.Bilim adamlari bunu kanitlamak adina bir ölcut kullanmislar.Ve ölçüt kabul edilen sayinin ,eski zamanlara gore degistigini gozlemlemisler.
Ve bu yazi yine ne kadar küçük olduğumuzu ve keşfedilecek milyonlarca sey oldugunu kanitlamistir.Tesekkur ederiz 🌹

Rica ederim @gamzekablan23. İlginiz için ben size teşekkür ederim. :)

We have a lot to discover and this is good for the curious mind!

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It's massive and there was a master creator behind it.


This was make me shock before around 3-5 months before, I'm watching youtube and some universe video pop up, after that for almost 3 hours i'm jsut watching video from some channel. I am surprised that we are very small, even meaningless. Really, universe It is a very mysterious thing.

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...nothing in relation to what surrounds you.

I'd disagree. Each person can achieve an incredible amount and what that may build up to may certainly be a critical block in the fabric of time. That block may seem minor now, but could amount, through a snow ball effect of the events it causes, to something incredible through its impact on events in succeeding years, decades, or even centuries.

of course @hatu. i don't deny that. but these numbers, this huge universe - it shows us how small we are. even insignificant in relation to the universe itself.

but in our own world here on earth, it looks quite different again.

once to look at the big whole can never hurt and could perhaps even open us for new things. who knows ;)

In fact it is an inaccurate calculation, at the end of the day you can not reach an exact calculation of it

it is a calculation based on a theory. no one can prove this theory because no one of us can travel to the beginning of time, at least not at the moment. the only way is to think reverse...

So theoretically a black hole is like when u have a hole on the disc?

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up in the air, a hole in the disc of a plane, where all get sucked out - so yes, theoretically

Cool, good job,
that's a post to think on,

this is my kinda stuff. I love this particular arena of science. The numbers of dimension and size boggle the mind. Thanks for posting...

I want to know so bad how it all started with the universe, but I think that will remain as a mistery

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The universe is inifinite. 00+

This is my nwe video there are some pics about the universe