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For some time there have been indications that there is ice water on the moon, but so far there has been no conclusive evidence. Now we are confident.

Researchers from NASA, working at the University of Hawaii and the Ames Research Center, have discovered large amounts of water ice on the poles of the planet's natural satellite. Analyzes have shown that it is in dozens of various places scattered over a large area, which is great news.

Astronomers have used in their research the data obtained by the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3) instrument, which is installed on board the Chandrayaan-1 probe and conducts research in the field of infrared. The spacecraft belonging to the Indian Space Research Organization was launched into space in 2008 and since then has been conducting important research on the Silver Globe for the needs of many global space agencies.

Most of the exposed ice is hidden from the sun in deep craters near the poles of the Silver Globe. The temperatures prevailing in them are constant and never exceed the minus minus 156 degrees Celsius. Such conditions allow its presence there for millions of years.

Marked places where ice water occurs in the craters. Fig. NASA.

Although for several years, scientists have pointed out that there is ice water on the moon, there has been no conclusive evidence so far, and this fact is crucial when it comes to organizing manned flights there and building the first human colony there.
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It must be emphasized here that we are talking about the water ice occurring on the surface of the Moon, so it is very easy to obtain. Water ice is the basis for the proper operation of life support systems. It can be transformed not only into the life-giving fluid, but also oxygen and hydrogen can be obtained from the water, i.e. fuel for the production of energy and power for rockets or spacecraft.

The new discovery inspires optimism and encourages us to increase our efforts in planning future manned missions on the Silver Globe and the construction of the first colonies there. Soon, both private companies and space agencies should use the new discovery and present concrete plans that make our beautiful dreams and visions come true.

Photo: NASA

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