Was you affected by last months Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse?

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So, yesterday was our official opening day. I tied in the dates with the Aquarius New Moon. I'm not an astrologer, but I have lots of clients who are.

Last month, everything went to pot. I lost things left, right and centre, my laptop broke in the middle of my tax returns! My website crashed completely and I couldn't get my business launched on my anticipated date.

It really aggravated me. I also had some sad news about friends and relatives who had become ill and I too (at the age of 42) have a growth stint from a wisdom tooth that decided to grow in the opposite direction of my other teeth. I couldn't open my jaw properly for a week due to a nasty infection, still cant properly.

(My husband has suddenly developed a joy in skipping around the house. It miraculously stopped as the infection started to disappear)

Anyway, going back to the moon. I have been informed on numerous occasions that it was due to this eclipse and blood moon thingy mejiggy.

Ok, the correct terminology was super blood wolf moon eclipse (I think)

And because my fifth house was in Capricorn at the time, I was on rocky territory with anything to do with promotion, self-expression, communications and creativity.

No wonder I had a problem with my big gob!

So, back to my business launch. In my 6th house, it is a better time for stability, health, wellbeing, spirituality and family support. So what better time than to go into a new venture, on a calmer and healthier footing.

All though I did read somewhere that it could have a known on effect with trouble around Uranus...

But I will leave that one there...

Have you had any problems with the moon?

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