Ode to Murphy's Law, Jupiter in Retrograde and Going Forward

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I TOTALLY Forgot to Post This

What you don't remember, you'll relearn... So think hard and fast about the lessons that you don't want to learn. Ignorance is sometimes bliss, but in times like this, it's easiest if you don't resist. Do your best to go with it.

Well, well, well... A bit of poetic prophecy?

I went to our other computer because my normal laptop charger has gone missing. I found this sitting here on my steemit page and I recall not posting this when Jupiter had gone into retrograde. Don't get me wrong, this happens every year, but it just seems that this year it is more brutal than most. My rhyming continues on...

You'll find little comfort in resisting Jupiter as the god of expansion turns inward. Luck runs out while chaos comes out to play. It won't be pretty as you soon see the error of your ways.

What Changed For You On or Around March 8, 2018?

ryan in teal retrograde.jpg

If you are like many of us, your life has recently been going through some upheaval. That's a hefty word and for many of us, it's almost too simple of a term for the shitshow that is going down. Think back to March. What was going on in your life. If things seemed to be going right, chances are that those plans changed overnight. A few of you may be feeling fine, and you will probably be a few of the lucky ones that keep your head on straight till summertime. Trust in the fact that you're the minority and here's why.

Jupiter is Retrograde in Scorpio


Oh Noes!

Sure, you may not take that seriously. Afterall, we tend to freak out about Mercury going retrograde, then not a whole lot happens other than miscommunications. Sure, you may totally fuck up a meeting or not get a job because you stuttered too much. Maybe you got in a fight with a lover or friend when Mercury is off running backwards overhead. Most of the time it isn't dire, it's more annoying. When you consider that this retrograde occurs multiple times per yea (three to be exact) and only lasts about 21 days each time, you start to realize that actually a lot of time is spent with Mercury doing it's thing backwards.

Jupiter retrograde is a much bigger deal, especially this year when it goes retrograde in Scorpio of all places. Granted, often overlooked as a major retrograde issue, Jupiter does this once a year, usually staying in this position for about 120 days. That isn't broken up over time in manageable chunks like Mercury. Nope, it is one wallop. Depending on the sign that it falls under, it can be heavy or earth shattering. Rarely ever is it fun.

What is Retrograde?

A few of you may be scratching your head. "What is retrograde, anyway?"

Basically, the short answer to define a retrograde for astrological purposes is that it is when the planet appears to turn back and go in reverse when looking up at it in the night sky. I have described the more technical details in previous blogs and for right here, it's not entirely relevant. All you need to know, for your own life is that this means that you can expect a block in the planetary energy, that it will react differently than you're used to and when a planet is in retrograde, the areas that are influenced heavily by whichever planetary energy are most altered. On some occasions this can simply mean taking the energy and doing something with it, opposite of how you normally would.

Since Mercury in retrograde is one of the most talked about astrological topics, generating memes across the scope of social media, we will use it as an example.

Mercury is known to control communication and is responsible for a variety of thought based actions. The godly messenger with swift answers and clear, concise explanations abruptly leaves you when retrograde. You will likely find miscommunication issues and troubles expressing yourself. If you keep pushing forward, fighting the will of the planet, then you'll be in for a bad go of it.

Rather, if you allow the energy to take the time in reverse, you can choose to use this as a valuable time to watch, to be introspective, to see reactions of others regarding plans already set in motion or to work on something individual and internal. It's a good time to proverbially, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Those that are buddy-buddy with Mercury, such as Gemini, whose sign is ruled by the planet, may find that their natrual inclination for quick thought is suddenly muddled. This can cause frustration. It's a good time to remember that all things change, to accept the transition and to adapt. Additionally, when used wisely, it challenges misconceptions that their quick thinking ability may have caused them to jump to a conclusion earlier in the year.

What I am saying is that retrograde can be used for GOOD!
That being said, I am yet to be a fan of Jupiter in retrograde. Maybe it is the plethora of Jupiter influence on me, leading to a natural affinity to the greater benefic planet. Wouldn't you be? He's all about the good things in life like influence, fair justice, finances and luck. Plus, he favors the intelligent, bestowing benefits in establishing your ideology and helping those under his purview with the intricacies of being a boss.

Latitudes of Gratitude for Jupiter and Helping Me to Be All Monetizing All the Time

It's like I can't turn it off. I've been called high-strung, bossy and boring. Yep, there is that. I also frequently get told that I am a "beast" and badass.

We don't need to go into what I really think about my brain. Thanks to Jupiter again, I am business minded and it certainly helps when playing the lottery.

Fun Fact: I haven't ever lost money when gambling.

Sure I have not won on a card, but I usually buy 3 and one of them always covers my monies. I like to think that this is due to Jupiter, and for the FallOut players out there, my conveniently placed high luck stat.

Wait, I Think Retrograde Means a Luck Deficit

Let me explain.

You may have noticed that there has been a lull in my postings. I was doing some DIY posts about this trailer that we were purchasing. We had gotten the okay from the owners, which was easy. That part was easy though. They were friends. Brian and the guy who own it go back to when they were kids, basically. His lady, she's cool and her and I got along. Not a bad gig at all. While a trailer wasn't anyone's idea of perfection in this situation, it was close considering that all B and I want is a place of our own. We are definitely willing to work for it.

I mean... we already had been working for it. A few people were even helping and it looked like we were going to have the trailer live-in ready by the time that they sold the house and wanted us out. We also needed to clean the apartment / basement of the house where we were living, so I had a date in mind of April 1 to have the trailer done by. During that time the guys were mainly doing the repairs on the trailer and I was cleaning the place we lived.

This is where we ran into a hiccup.

Since then each and everything we have tried has fallen through. We have even spent the last two weeks in a tent, in like the rainiest month of May EVER in Idaho, in the backyard of the house that I am on the lease to. My ex-husband is also on the lease and our stay ended there yesterday in calling the cops on him. Good times.

So, before it blows up too much, I have moved on, taking our youngest with us. We are still up in the air, with no idea what to do next.

Over a Month Later and STILL Feeling the BURN

Even though I forgot to post this, maybe it was for the best. Trying to be optimistic is difficult when you keep falling flat. Talking about that is just going to be spreading the blahs and that is NOT what I want to do. Besides, there are some pretty nifty positives going around. For starters, this guy and I get to hang like all the time now.

me n felix on the river.jpg

Plus! Brian and I have been bonding through tragedy. Ha! Not a benefit? Well, depends on how you look at it, I guess. We have been able to spend more time with friends, since we are mooching their generosity. We'll get you all back one day!

Right now, we are stable for a few days and have time to think. We have just about lost everything. The rain the other night got on the PS3 and TV and so it is no ce la vie to our technology. Back to the basics indeed!

Jupiter - Don't Get Stupider!

Now, we only have a little time left. I have the feeling there was some cataclysmic psycho-spiritual A-Bomb that went off. If it was only my life, but I see so many people struggling more than normally. Maybe it is because I am, therefore I am noticing it more. Sort of like when you get a car and all of a sudden the car you got, you see the same cars all over? Is it all relative? Maybe.

For now, we are trying to survive it.

With that, GOOD LUCK to you all.

Care to Share?

I would like to hear your stories of happenings over the last few months since these retrogrades! Please leave a comment!


Jupiter IS about to trine Neptune. This is more positive than we have seen and hopefully will allow for the start of the healing process!

Love and Light

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