Chameleon Days

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I set up this post in honor of the end of the recent Chiron in Pisces transit of which I wrote about in my last post (Dream of Donald Trump). As in, Chameleon Days NO MORE!!

I am speaking (er, writing) of the end of such an illusionary period for Humanity ... where the real picture of all that has been going on around us has been so clouded and hard to see for what it is. Such is the nature of powerful Neptune influence. I am expecting that to change. Suddenly? Perhaps. Aries fire has a tendency to move quickly and influence impulsiveness.

Chameleon Days, Neil Finn
From Out of Silence

Cruel shame
Oh what have I done
Punching a wall
Nearly broke my thumb
It’s harder than you think
Not that it matters
If I show myself to you

Come on I know you will
That must be how
The music is meant to be played
A rush of blood
Then it’s gone as fast as it came
Chameleon days

And your anger is red
Envy is green
But if you have a choice
You can always be blue
Shall I show myself to you

Come on I know you will
That must be how
The music is meant to be played
The colors change
In our lives
We all have our own
Chameleon days

The more I have to wait
The more you come in late
The closer to the ground
The heavier the sound

Anyone can tell you that’s it’s out of your hands
God is rolling numbers while I'm making a plan

For a soul

The sky and the water
To the sky and the water
There is beauty and surrender
Oh sweetness of sorrow
Oh you wake up before tomorrow
That color won't get you into trouble

My favorite line from the song is the last one ... 'anyone can tell you that its out of your hands, God is rolling numbers while I'm making a plan.' I was looking for a picture to post and I remembered that the most beautiful chameleon I've ever seen was a Jackson's Chameleon from a pet store in Canon City, Colorado. The picture I found on Google Images doesn't do it justice but he's still beautiful.


Chiron has the most eccentric orbit of all the planets in our solar system due to its precarious orbital position between gas giants Saturn and Uranus - it is very small. The Pisces transit from Earth started in April 2010 and ended this March 2019 (that counts retrogrades) with a great send off just a few days ago -- the Full Worm Moon, and the Sun moving into Aries from Pisces starting off the 2019 astrological New Year.


Here's what Gaia Blooming (Facebook) has to say about it, today March 22.

"What a cosmic dance we have going on right now!
The biggest astro (besides the ongoing yods) is the Sun Conjunct Chiron. These energies enhance each other. The light of the sun is supporting the healing work that Chiron is doing... and what Chiron is doing in Aries is clearing away the layers and identities we have put on over this life and lifetimes that cover up our authentic I AM light that we are.

The energy mantra for today, and this month is, AHAM BRAHMASMI - meaning I am the universe. You are that which you have come from. We've forgotten this is the core of our being and Chiron in Aries is working to uncover that light and power. The sun energy is supporting this, but may bring up energies within you that have suppressed that light and power within you. This isn't about revenge but rather clearing away what no longer resonates and supports your best soul aligned life! And heads up.. the yod energies are supporting that too! Allowing the inner warrior to come up for stamina and PERSEVERANCE (that was the P word I couldn't get!)

Besides this, we have the Moon finishing up in Libra - cardinal sign activation going on, activating some squares with Saturn and Pluto... reminding us we don't have to kowtow to anyone else's version of us. We are responsible for our own harmony and harmony comes when we soul align!

Moon into Scorpio in the evening brings on a wet weekend with all the water signs activated. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio so we may feel extra edgy and activated... can you put this energy towards your healing and your personal power? Be aware through this healing of any victim energy rising to the surface!"

Neptune influence tends to be vague and dreamy, hard to pin down. But it also tends to dissolve away blocks that impede growth and vision. That Scorpio Moon coming tonight brings an extra trigger for the fresh start on things... coloring the new transit period starting things off. Pluto's power over death, transformation and rebirth totally fits. And Spring is HERE! Also Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac, meaning it has the power to see through the veil. Now we just need to clear and let go and move forward with some clarity and grounding from here. Spring cleaning may be in order to clear away the last of the mirage.

Speaking of the clearing of illusion and The Moon! Have you noticed how BRIGHT the night sky has become, along with recent changes in The Sun? Its not your imagination.

Cheers, Peeps.

LR 3/22/2019

Moon photo collected from Facebook, taken over Staunton State Park in Colorado.

Dream of President Trump


Sounds like not too bad a time! Except it isn't Spring where I am....

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