Belated Eclipse Anniversary Happenings

in astrology •  4 months ago

Just wanted to make note of this significant astrological chart, given that it is the day after it has been one year since the Great Eclipse of 2017. That was August 21, 2017.


Today is a Master Number 22 day!
The day itself is a 'teacher' of sorts...

AND there are some pretty amazing aspects happening!


Note the 29 degree Leo Sun, at the most significant degree of any transit.

And perilous Mars!
At a karmic 28 degrees, just having dropped into the first house. With an interception in that house. Not looking good right now for Mars, what's happening with it right now. The issue is taking responsibility. Also perhaps not being prepared to? That Aquarius Interception could be speaking of shock. OR, it could be that dealing with shock is the key to taking or finding one's responsibility.

(Speaking of shock: yesterday I mentioned to my husband about earthquake activity. An 8.2 in Fiji in the South Pacific and then a few days later the pressure spread all the way across South America!! A HUGE spread of miles, to go off in Venezuela - the northeastern tip of South America at 7.3 yesterday. Something BIG is happening). Edit: unfolding! Just got a view of this from Facebook, a huge spike on the GOES magnetometer at NOAA right before a THIRD big quake off the coast of Oregon - a 6.3, evening out pressure, wondering if there was anything related for the 7.3 or the 8.2?

The Moon JUST crossed Pluto. Four hours ago as of this writing.

There is almost a Finger of God or Yod aspect but the finger is missing! It would be the midpoint - (ish) between Neptune and Chiron in the second house. Is this The Gap? It speaks to recovery of something valuable that was written off but can now be recovered. In my humble opinion.

A TRUE Yod or Finger of God on that 29 degree Leo Sun...
Perilous Mars holding up one side and recently shifted Chiron in Aries holding up the other. Also the Sun is one corner of a lovely Grand Trine, the blue triangle. A doorway.

Just LOOK at Jupiter's position!! OMG. Powerful Scorpio in the house of truth, Jupiter in its own house. Just having come out of retrograde and moving direct.

One other thing. The first thing I noticed. Venus in Libra in 8 (secret alignments and also secret enemies!) in aspect to Neptune retrograde in 2. To an exact 15 degrees. The house cusp is at Master Number 11 degrees! (something 'meant to be')? In Pisces. Hm. I'm still studying this one but I know its important. Any of my astrologer friends out there, please comment on your thoughts with this aspect.

I am thinking it indicates an adjustment that is tenable peace! These two signs are totally different from one another and do not understand each other generally speaking, at all (consider the relationship between air and water, mental vs. emotional energies) but they are both gentle and peace loving by nature. What ties them together is that they both want the same thing.

adjective: tenable

  1. able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection.
    "such a simplistic approach is no longer tenable"

    synonyms: justifiable, defensible, supportable, sustainable, arguable, reasonable, sensible rational, sound, viable, plausible, credible, believable, conceivable

(from Google)

Oh yeah. And I had a typo message about a different year for this chart when I first put in my numbers. I've been getting a LOT of messages this way recently!! So there's a time warp or something going on with all of this. It occurs to me that the time aspect would be described by the Aquarius/11th/Uranus activity and all Piscean influence but I don't know what it means yet.

Namaste, Peeps.
Have a good night!
LR 8/22/2108

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I'm feeling a massive pull on my energy that has been excruciating and blissful. I love how you delved into this one. My chart is being rocked hard

Thanks for your wonderful and caring attention to detail, @mymoontao! 💘


Hey, you are welcome. Thanks for commenting!

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