How to attract: Capricorn Women

in astrology •  last year

The Capricorn lady is ambitious, sensible, rational, practical, intuitive and unsentimental, they are also goal oriented and instinctively maternal.


They love status and like to be praised and respected, you'd be lucky if you're in a position of power, you don't have much work to do since they love powerful men, simply anything that brings money and security in the long run, they take their time to be courted so don't hurry, and just make sure you look like you have a plan, they are sexual creatures even though they're prone to being extremely self righteous, so they might act like they don't want 'it' but get them turned on and you'd be blown away.

While wealth and influence could make you a shoe in, some wit would also help.
Don't be afraid to deceive them, they are straight forward people so they won't see it coming, but make sure you are a very good liar because if you get caught then it would be almost impossible to win their trust back.
Be smooth, they love a gentleman that oozes charm and security, you can't go wrong with humor, but make sure you are not childish about it, they wont tolerate immaturity in a mate.

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