Astrology August 29th 2018. Putting the Pieces Together for a New Story.

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The Aries Moon squares off to Pluto in Capricorn and trines Mercury in Leo which means that Pluto makes one of those ‘itch you can’t scratch’ inconjunct aspects to Mercury in Leo.

We are in a very strange space as we integrate the Eclipses in this waning Moon/end of summer times.

Many people are struggling and not quite knowing what to do or who to BE as we radically transform from relying on outer authority to becoming our own authority and re-writing our own lives.

There’s a swirl of thoughts and feelings that need a little sorting out even though much of this is about surrendering. We need to make some sense of it all.

So, here we are today with the waning Aries Moon wanting to work alone today and needing to try to make some sense of what is going on.

It seriously would not be a bad idea to stick post it notes on the wall and move things around.

Think about self awareness, not outer focus.

Who am I?

What is real for me?

What is my heart’s desire?

How do I desire to self express?

What are the rules I choose to live by?

This is about the most fundamental parts of you, not just about what you do in life.

Some exercise would also be useful today. Get outside and walk for a while.

Black Moon Lilith (your too muchness) in Aquarius (embodying personal truth) also joins in the party by opposing Mercury in the early hours of tomorrow.

What’s the overall message?

Time to get real.

Totally and unapologetically real.

But do you really know what that is?

It’s time to get to know that.

Much Love

Louise ❤

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It is now!!! 💘✌😎✨

Very nicely written. And I happen to have a post-it wall...


How perfect and thank you <3