Astrology August 15th 2018. Eat the Apple!

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The Libra Moon started the day squaring off to Pluto in Capricorn and now she moves onto a sextile aspect to the Leo Sun before squaring off to Lilith and Mars in Capricorn.

There’s surges of elemental, divine feminine, creative power as the Libran Mother Moon (yin) in a yang sign squares off to transformative energies in the sign of our institutions, Capricorn, which is a yin sign, a fact that is often overlooked.

But I want to talk about Lilith some more.

Yesterday, I had the type of paradigm shift that can come from Eclipses. The message was to use the True Lilith in my work rather than the mean calculation.

I have always used the mean Lilith until now though I am very aware of the ‘Lilith corridor’ or ‘garden’ which is the path between the mean and the two calculation. Many think that the path between the two must be looked at and I will continue to do so but the true Lilith is speaking to me.

Lilith is raw, untamed and wild. The mean calculation of Lilith tames her orbit bringing the same energy that the patriarchy has brought to the divine feminine energy for thousands of years. Yin energy is chaos and receptive and the patriarchy has tried and continues to try, to denigrate and tame the chaotic.

The true Lilith tells me that she isn’t prepared to be tamed and smoothed out any more.

Yesterday the true Lilith met up with retrograde and out of bounds Mars at the final degree of Capricorn, I wrote about that yesterday. They will meet again when the erratic true Lilith moves direct and that meeting will be on August 24th just before Mars (still out of bounds/rogue) turns direct.

The two will meet 4 more times this cycle. The most significant one is on Sept 6th when Mars has just moved back ‘in bounds’ and the two meet at 4˚ Aquarius exactly conjunct the South Node. After November 5th the two separate and Lilith erratically moves between Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces until the two meet again in July 2020 at 10˚ Aries and dance again.

What does it all mean?

Well yesterday, I spoke of Lilith being associated with pedophilia (I actually think she’s associated with rage around these issues rather than the ‘cause’ of it) and bang on time, the AG in Pennsylvania released his report about decades of abuse by Catholic priests and the cover up.

Jupiter in scorpio has a lot to do with these revelations also but I consider Lilith to be associated with Scorpio.

Lilith is similar to Pluto in that she brings things to light.

This rage and uncovering is there to bring healing but we have a long way to go before 2020 when Mars and Lilith dance in the sign of new beginnings.

Right now we are learning how to live with this wildness, with our elemental and chaotic humanity, and to learn how to direct our rage in new ways.

The Libran Moon will be feeling all of this today as she connects to three very Scorpionic energies all in Capricorn. Thankfully the aspect to the Leo Sun is an opportunity to ‘feel’ creatively. We really need to being to find new ways to live that reflect the fact we are all connected.

As someone on Facebook said this morning:

Time for all false “structures” to topple down — government, dogmatic religion, educational systems that repress creativity, medical system that exists for profits, not healing, science that exists to satisfy the status quo, and a belief system that we are alone in the Universe.

It’s not going to happen overnight, we have a long way to go with this healing and the chaotic divine feminine energy must play her part.

Time to embrace chaos.

Much Love

Louise ❤

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I am not familiar with Lilith in astrology other than having encountered it in other's writings. I'm so curious now. Also, you spoke of the garden path. I see the North Node as The Path. Do you see a connection between these two somehow? Yes, I agree... Lilith has always seemed so Scorpio to me.


I'm referring specifically to the path between the true and mean Lilith calculation which is thought to be important by scholars of Lilith.

In other words, the whole area between the two is your Lilith. For me that only spans 2˚.

I agree that the NN is the soul's path <3

Fascinating topics here @louiseedington! I am of a similar mindset with you regarding the rage Lilith has endured at the witness of the toxic displays toward the innocent.

In the embrace of chaos, some order is present. 💘


Absolutely. Yin/yang - equal chaos/order <3