Crazy Planet Uranus is starting its transition in Taurus for 7 years on September 15th. - A new chapter in the world economy. What will happen to Cryptocurrencies?

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The planet Uranus... For the people who don't know what kind of a planet it is and what it represents, I want to give some information about this crazy, energetic and independent planet.. It changes totally the orders and habits and rules that are get used to them. It makes radical changes on the basic. The reason of doing it is to make you feel your independence, make you gain self-confidence and make you gain experiences to live different, original things in your life. All the technological explorations, improvements and inventions comes from it. Also airways transportation. It has unexpected, sudden, extraordinary effects..It is responsible from coups, strikes, rebellions, violent incidents and explosions, earthquakes, terrorist events. It has problems with authority, stability, bigotry. It supports the original and marginal people, the rebellious, reformist. It has also finger on relationships that starts suddenly and finishes suddenly. They are right to call the planet as crazy right? ;)

Uranus is a slow moving planet. It completes its transition in a horoscope in 7 years. It was in Aries for the past 7 years. Have a look what actions it made for the last 7 years transition..

  • It fired the Arab Spring and mixed all the Middle East..
  • It showed us not to see anymore as minority the people who we see them as minority.
  • It pointed out that there could be life outside the world and it helped to be explored other planets.
  • It established the most important wars.
  • It brought different, extraordinary and even crazy liders to the world scene.
  • It helped to be found new energy resources.
  • Due to it, technology improved with a high speed.
  • While helping the construction of new airports, from another side it caused to hijackes, airplane accidents, lost of airplanes.
  • It met us with Quantum. It made all physic laws upside down.

Now a new journey is starting for Uranus. It will pass to Taurus on September 15. It will be transiting here until 2026. It will continue to make new reforms, revolutions, inventions and some crazy things.. But of course while doing all them, it will use the topics of what Taurus represents. So what the star sign Taurus represents? From individual side it is related with stability, order, comfort zone, constancy, need of safety, guarantee and trust, materialism, avoiding from change, desire of appetite, wordly pleasures and creativity. From the side of World Astrology it is related with money, economy, trade, banks, exchange, financial institutions, agriculture, territory, art, musicians.

Now firstly it will make us remove from our comfort zone which we trust so much and don't want go out from. It will enable the things we say "It's impossible, It can't be." It will change our way and model of earning money. If you earn money from the same sectors, it will be the time to change them. It will change the order of our nutrition. It will start the period of economic freedoms. It will show us to how to form our own economic system without depending on a specific system and let us build and live our lifes with this way. It will make us crossing the border in terms of creativity. It will lead to find new art movements. It is planning to make in the world scene:

  • Economic evolutions are on the way! Capitalist system will be vanishing in the following 5 years. The new economical systems and orders are coming. Get ready!
  • Cryptocurrencies will be the economic sign of new order. Each country will have their own cryptocurrency. Banknotes and credit cards can be left in history.. Digital money age will start officially. Using it will be spreading faster.
  • New laws about earning money and monitoring money of the countries will be applied. The laws related with the way of earning money will change.
  • The old systems and regulations about banking system will be removed and new rules will come. New evolutions are waiting banking systems..
  • Of course economic crisis will be coming to the world. Be ready..
  • the whole forms of e-commerce websites will change.
  • Our resources of eating-drinking will change.. Rather than preparing meals for ours, we will meet with practical, fast and nutritional methods to cook.
  • Agriculture will gain importance. An evolution will start in which the people tend to eat herbal products and coming from soil.
  • We will be learning to product and harvest our own foods. But a famine problem can occur. Be ready for the big problems with food resources.
  • Because the Taurus is a earth element, big earthquakes are waiting us..

Do you want to know what happened in the world, when Uranus was in Taurus between 1934-1942 years?

  • On September 5, 1934 civil war started in Spain.
  • On May 30, 1935 20.000 people died in the earthquake occured in Belucistan.
  • On May 31, 1935 50.000 people lost their lifes in the earthquake occurred in Pakistan.
  • On July 15, 1937 the Nazis opened Buchenwald concentration camp.
  • On March 3, 1938 petroleum was found in Saudi Arabia.
  • On April 28, 1937 the first commercial flight was made on Pasific Ocean.
  • On September 1, 1939 2. World War started.
  • On December 27, 1939 an earthquake occured in Erzincan(Turkey). 32.000 people died.
  • On May 15, 1940 Mcdonalds was established in America.

Finally we will be seeing what's going to happen in the world..Uranus will not only effect us globally but also individually.. All of us will be effected in a specific life field. It depends on your horoscope and birth chart. I am planning to tell one of you from which field you will effected specificly.. I will choose who upvote and best comment.. Good luck ;)

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i have been thinking about this theme alot, i already have been feeling the shift as taurus is my sign. i was excited about crypto currencies and to me its obvious that this is the way its going. thanks for highlighting it here!


Welcome dear. You will be the one most getting effects from this transit as you will be hosting Uranus for 7 years.. I wish you to use this power in your life as mush as you can. Uranus can lift you up but also drop down. It will be on your hand! Think wisely..


I've had alot of downs in the last years with scorpio transits and saturn returns. I'm definately on an upward momentum now