Life: Not all friends are good for us

in association •  last year 

Dear friends, how are you and I am sure you are in good condition.

On this occasion I would like to share a little with friends all about us in choosing a good friend, and I want to say today the friend's heart is like peanuts and inside when we are split then there is something good and some very rotten so that too our friend, therefore, watch in choosing a good friend for all of you.

DC8369436476847657681 (2).jpg

That friend sometimes very sincerely helps us especially when we fall, and usually this kind of person we will find when we are falling. And there is also a friend who we think is very good and sweet, but when we fall he will go away from us, therefore, let's get together to be able to choose a good friend for us so that whatever happens later we will always have guidance and encouragement for back up from adversity.

Hopefully it can be useful for all, especially in our daily lives. Hopefully we can choose which friends are good and which friends should be avoided in the lives of all of us.

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