A Taste of Assface! The Summer ASStravaganzaFACE

Since share2steem went caput..

Tonight come to @TheSoCap and follow the highjinks of the assface clowns as they try to explain how comedy and existentialism is really surrealism wrapped in physicality..

or sumptin'

@AssfaceImprov August 10, 2019

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A Taste of Assface

[disclaimer: please enjoy our poetry responsibly]

A taste of Assface!

Welcome to the Summer ASStravaganzaFACE

Let's let our hair down..

put on our swim trunks..

climb on the seaDoo

travel across the water

into the fog...

the heart of the nothing

a miasma of putrescence

and summer good fun!

ignore reality with us..

as we avoid the abyss

Assface is wrapping themselves in the chaos

and pouring out a pitcher of Sangria...

toasting to the end of the day

and starting the gigantic bonfire of the festivities.

Assface... Improv comedy that's physical, emotional, surreal, often existential, always hilarious.

Makes you think, makes you feel, makes you laugh your assface off.

Assface is Allan Turner, Meagan McConnell, Christopher L. Hedrick, Ted Ludzik, Darin Joyce, and as always holding it all together, Rob Bullets Bartlett

This Summer's Taste of AsstravaganzaFace is hosted by Precious Chong

with sometimes'face Kerry Griffin and Sean Browning

maybe guest'faces of random members of guest troupes causing havoc!

Accelerate the SeaDoo to Warp speed with our openers:

Foxtrap (Dana Puddicombe and Samara Stern)


Semper Pie (Brie Watson and Alicia Douglas)

[the boring details no one will care about in 7 days]


Friday, August 10th, 2019

Doors: 9:45pm, Show: 10:00pm


The Social Capital Theatre Mainstage! 2nd FLOOR

154 Danforth Ave @Broadview


$10 at the door

Follow Assface on FB https://www.facebook.com/assfaceimprov

and twitter: https://twitter.com/AssfaceImprov

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