Speculative Balance

in asset •  9 months ago

Looking around I see sparks of opportunity beginning to ignite everywhere. The options are extremely tempting. I desire to make a decision and throw all of my eggs in one basket.a1drjohnthumb.JPG

Fortunately (actually by design) my small portfolio is hidden behind slow systemic barriers. All of my assets require at least seven days to liquidate or transform into a different state. So today’s temptations might be tomorrow’s regrets.

Over the past months, I began to balance toward higher holdings of Silver. Based on today’s price movements, I was wrong. Both Steem and Litecoin have had a good day where Silver is mostly flat.

Balance is a forward looking guessing game. Today’s balance may be tomorrow’s collapse.

Keeping all of your eggs in one basket is a goos idea, but good ideas are easy to find.

Here is today’s beauty.


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@doctorjohn balance is always a necessary in every field of life. you explained it very nicely.

throw all of my eggs in one basket this word really so great ^_^ dear they both coin lite or steem so nice its much give profit end of this year.. maybe i'm wrong or right

steem and lite coin powerful altcoin and marvelous road map

I love Today's beauty thanks for sharing doc

Advises are always work and give the Profit. Thanks a lot. Take care