What is ASMR?

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ASMR videos are a big trend on YouTube!

You can find a ton of ASMR Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=asmr

But what is ASMR?

Wikipedia says this about ASMR:

"Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), sometimes auto sensory meridian response, is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine."

I had seen a some of these videos a few years ago when ASMR videos came out of nowhere, but they seemed to be everywhere!


I did not get the "tingles." But recently I found this video by Taylor (ASMR Darling in which she explains what ASMR videos are for, and what they aren't for.

While watching this, I actually got an ASMR response. I felt the tingles!

Who is ASMR Darling?

Taylor was about 18 when she started making ASMR videos after a few years of watching others make them. She was a big fan and decided to try making her own ASMR videos. She has done really well in this genre! Many of her videos get over a MILLION Views!

But it wasn't an easy journey for Taylor. Some of her friends and family didn't understand her new hobby when she started, and some made fun of her. But she kept making the videos and now makes a lot of money from her YouTube Channel! Her wikipedia article provides a source claiming that in 2019 "she was earning $1,000 per day from advertising revenue on the channel". Nice work!

In this video, Taylor tells about how her friends and family reacted to her videos.

ASMR From Music?

I think that some early stereo music recordings can induce the ASMR response. For instance, here are The Young Rascals singing Find Somebody from their 1967 album Groovin' - they are known for that song as well as Good Lovin'. Find Someone is somewhat psychedelic and the main guitar riff has a sitar feeling as The Beatles and other groups were experimenting with. Try listening to this with headphones and see what you experience!

Have a great weekend!


She is beautiful. I have noticed that people who are successful on YouTube, with large viewing figures and earning lots of money, tend to be very physically attractive. Do you suppose having the good fortune to be good looking is a major factor in determining whether you ‘make it’ as a vlogger?

Generally, yes!

Vlogging and making videos in general are a visual medium. If you are attractive, you have a better probability of attracting attention. Facial symmetry is known to be considered beautiful and attractive since it's a signal of good health and evolution programmed us to notice people of reproductive age in good health.

However, in the early days of YouTube, I wrote about a vlogger named Peter. He wasn't young and attractive although he had lots of charm and perseverance.

On August 18th, 2006 I wrote

"Congrats to geriatric1927! Peter, aged 79, is now the #1 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time! If you haven't seen him yet, go watch this gentleman as he talks about his long and interesting life. His style is straightforward, yet captivating. Peter has become an inspiration to the entire YouTube community."

So there are definitely factors that increase the probability of making it as a vlogger or YouTuber in general. Things like being good looking, charming, confident and interesting are such factors, and the more you have, the better! Luck is always a factor in success too. Being in the right place at the right time is helpful. You can give yourself more chance of being lucky by putting yourself out there and socializing a lot, but we all only have 24 hours in a day, and random things in life can wreck our plans.

So physical and mental talent, combined with perseverance and luck can go a long way towards making it as a vlogger. I'm glad we have blogging as an alternative which takes the visual side of things out of the picture, or at least relies less on it.

Thanks for the reply and question, which I tried to answer but just ended up rambling; its late! :D

Have a nice weekend!

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I had no idea this existed. I searched on Youtube and saw various artists from both languages, english and espanish. Thanks for sharing.

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