ASSEMBLE Protocol - blockchain-based global point integration platform

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The ASSEMBLE protocol is a platform that solves the problem that arises in the use of points that users receive when buying services or goods from different companies around the world.

ASSEMBLE protocol global blockchain point integration platform, that can integrate, utilize and monetize existing points to point providers, consumers and retailers.

The problems faced when using reward points are time constraints, not enough ways to use them, difficulty in managing different points.

The ASSEMBLE protocol offers the following steps to improve usage:

  1. Point Providers (Enterprises) create new places so that customers can use the accumulated points, and create channels to attract new customers.

  2. Point Consumers (Customers) have no time limit to use the accumulated points, and get additional ways to use them in different places.

  3. Retailers (individuals or companies) must create new advertising tools and find new sales channels.


The use of blockchain technology gives advantages when using it in this area.

  1. Ability to token points, which will ensure reliability and security in use, and gives greater value to such an asset.

  2. Solve on changes in exchange rates, transaction speed and commissions.

  3. Combining a network of reward points around the world with the help of blockchain technology into a single system. In future point providers and consumers will be able to become an ASSEMBLED partner.



ASSEMBLE aims to create a business ecosystem in which all participants (providers, point consumers and retailers) will benefit.

The basis of ASSEMBLE Protocol is:

  • Point Exchange (PX) - a place where reward points are integrated and exchanged. There will be an automatic trading system and a point redemption system.

  • Marketplace (MP) - Internet market to be used ASP tokens.

  • Data Infrastructure (Dl) - a place where data infra and databases are used, created from different data, such as consumer behavior accumulated in the ASSEMBLE Platform.

Key Feature

1.Point Integration

Point Integration.jpg

  • Converting points to cash
    ASSEMBLE allows all its customers to convert the received points, from different partners, into a single ASM Token.

  • Point Purchase
    When buying goods on the ASSEMBLE platform, users will receive various benefits, such as discounts and additional services. ASSEMBLE also provides greater discounts if customers buy goods with their reward points rather than cash or card. To do this, you need to buy ASSEMBLE tokens on the exchange and use them on the platform.

2.Point Usage

Point Usage.jpg

  • Token Transfer
    ASSEMBLE Platform provides the transfer of bills of reward to anyone without any obstacles, it is enough to know the address of the ASSEMBLE Wallet of another person.

Token Transfer.jpg

  • Commodity Trading
    Trading on the ASSEMBLE Platform is available to everyone and anyone can become a buyer or seller.

Advertisement Placement

1.Data Infrastructure Development

Based on the available data of partners on customer behavior and their purchasing power or their purchases, the appropriate data infrastructure will be built on the ASSEMBLE platform. Based on this, advertisers will be able to create new advertising strategies.

2.Consumer Analysis

For high activity in the ecosystem you need to attract customers with high purchasing power. Analyzing customers using the platform's data infrastructure will allow advertisers to place their ads for relevant target groups.

3.Data Usage

Advertisers will be able to manage their advertising through the mobile application.

Advertisement Placement.jpg

Token Model


ASM (ASSEMBLE Token).jpg

Digital asset ASM is used on the ASSEMBLE Platform and is a utility token. It can be purchased on the ASSEMBLE Platform, on the digital asset exchange, or received as a reward on the platform.

ASM owners will receive additional benefits, as the platform will offer promotions and discounts.

ASM (ASSEMBLE Token)2.jpg

ASP (ASSEMBLE Point Token)

ASP (ASSEMBLE Point Token).jpg

ASP (ASSEMBLE Point Token)2.jpg

Token Economy

Token Economy.jpg

Token Distribution

Token Distribution.jpg

Use of Fund

Use of Fund.jpg


ASSEMBLE Partner.jpg


2019 Q3-Q4

Team Building
Development of Service and Application Concepts

2020 Q2

White Paper Release
STA1. com partnership

2020 Q3

ASSEMBLE Wallet Launching

2020 Q4

Point Exchange Development Completion
Marketplace Development Completion

2021 Q1

ASSEMBLE Web Version Launching (Windows/Mac)
Partners Plug-In Concept Development Completion

2021 Q2

ASSEMBLE Mobile Version Launching




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