Steemit is pretty complicated.

in #asksteemit4 years ago

I am no crypto-genius by any means, but I'm also not entirely ignorant of how blockchains work. Having said that, I'm still very confused by how Steemit works (Reputation scores, the 3 types of currency Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars, etc.)

Not sure how accessible this is going to be for anyone outside of us cryptogeeks.

Another issue is there isn't an explanation that is a bridge between first-time users like me and the ultra-steem gurus. It's hard for someone who completely understands a subject to effectively explain it to someone who has zero understanding of a subject (as an I.T. admin, I get this.)

I understand my upvote worth is based on my reputation score, but that's just about it.

Is there a steemit for dummies? ;)

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