AskSteemit: What are your thoughts about the recent uptrend in price?

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Hey everyone!

Haven't been able to post much lately due to some personal issues and busy with a project that I'm working on for the Steem blockchain. It also has been quite a trading opportunity with the recent swings in Steem price, my sleep already hates me for it.

It feels like yesterday when the price was around 10 cents each for Steem and I was as confident as now that in due time it will turn around. I expected it to do well this year but I'm sure that the recent ridiculous uptrend has caught many by surprise and not just me.

I always knew that blockchain and specifically steem has been underappreciated and overlooked by many, even Steemians themselves. People like to often focus on the negative aspects and let it affect their investment decisions, but to this day Steem is still one of the most advanced and strong blockchains out there and has one of the best usecases and chances at mass adoption than most. The prices are reflecting to that now in my opinion and the upcoming new additions to Steem like SMT's and communities.

Can't wait to see what more this year will bring us, it started out with a real bang. :)

What are your thoughts on the current price, Steemians?

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Hello, do you have any relationship with the tool asksteem? As you the wording are similar. As I have some opinion on the tool.

I cant say I dont enjoy it, but there will probably be a correction simply because its gone up too fast too quickly. People are probably powering down waiting for next week to cash some out. Just my opinion though. I also think the steem increase might be from people taking steem dollars and converting them back into more steem because the ratios have seem to gone down a bit.


Excellent point. I’m sure they’ll be people who will be cashing out. Is my opinion, but I believe Hodl is the way to go with Steem. Best wishes.


Yeah im powering down just a tiny bit just in case I think I can sell and make more later, but not selling it permanently just leaving it in steem so I can power myself up any time I want.


Concerning the rise in steem, i think its going to contimue like this for a week or more but it may come back to normal when no one expect it..... Its rising every hour because i do the follow up. We just have to be careful about everything!!!


When you power down, do you get to choose how much SP to power down, or does it slowly just start doing all of it until you stop it?


I agree. It seems to me that the high Steem price makes more sense than a high SBD price does

At first, I thought it was due to all the people who received a STEEM gift card for Christmas by are now telling all of their friends and family about the awesome gift they got, who now buy STEEM themselves and tell their family and friends etc.

But clearly, it is thanks to the fact that when I added a link to my steemit blog in my description on the dating Apps that I am on. All the girls that have seen me there now obviously want to get noticed and so they are buying STEEM to make it more likely that I will notice their upvotes. But then again, the other girls also want to be on top and don't want the others to get ahead, so then they need to buy STEEM to, and so the cycle goes.

So there you go.

pretty frustrating really. How the hell am I going to buy more Steem now? I bought 100 today and paid 700 dollars for it!! Geez.


I was thinking the same thing myself. It must be difficult for new users to gain SP. However, there is a delegation market through MinnowBooster that you can use to power up your account. Check it out, might be of use to you.


It's okay, I will manage.


I can sell 50 steem .. if you want @sreepyeldarb @tarazkp




Haha exactly how I feel😁!! Sbd is growing in my account and I want to power up, but not at these rates Lol! Wait for the dip ;)


HOLY COW!! I guess that is the downside of this upward steem tear... lol geez is right


I feel yah good sir. So, so much. Between a post dated check and then an agonizingly long time waiting on the coin itself to clear, I’ve put myself in a fomo vortex of hourly price checks. Sitting with fiat in hand at $2.40 and waching it go up 50% per day after becoming completely enamored with the site for a month has proven to be insanely torturous.

That being said ... I’m making my #introducemyself and trial dtube post tomorrow, I’m completely proud of it and I can say with absolute certainty I would never have done the hours and hours of legwork making a multicam synth and live drum video without the push to get on steem before the train left the station. Here’s hoping there’s at least one late train left at the platform. :)


Poor taraz :(

I feel like a kid in a candy store so captivated by steems performance!

Next week is going to be a drop in price for Steem due to its rise so quick. I bet many people are amazed at what has happened!

Hopefully this year will bring higher highs!



It is very, very difficult to estimate a "fair" price for STEEM in the short term, mid term or the long term. Out of the existing features, the fact that Steem incorporates a very robust payment system into social media is a crucial value proposition. Imagine 70% of everyone you know using Steem, including most businesses in your local area. Your need for banking would be drastically reduced.

The price increase is exciting. Really caught me off guard because I thought we’d see an increase with the launching of SMTs. Great to see you back posting 😀

Hello @acidyo

Thank you for this post that bring me to look more closely into numbers :)

If we look closely the activity on steemit, active members, posts and comments,as well have never been higher like now, so all is related and I can't see anything that actually could stop that, they will be not only one correction but many in the future.

I believe that the growth for the long run will keep up, the story will repeat it self and peoples selling now will regret later.

Since I joined it's the first post I read from you, It will not be the last.


Now i'm so happy looking the prices of steem and sbd some months ago i was sad of see how some shitcoins got new highs and steem continue with a low price, but i do not despair and i kept blogging until now where i see our coins taking an excellent price. Regards

I have to say I’m enjoying this ride and being part of the $8+ level but it has shot up too quick. I’m worried the correction will be quicker. Of course I’m hoping it all to stay. And don’t forget sbd ..:. Hope we see the $16+ prices again soon!


if it acts like bitcoin did, it should go up quite a bit and then correct, but the correction bottom kept going up so it will slowly ratchet itself to a pretty good level, then a big correction when the profit taking comes into play, but i think it will continually reach higher highs, it a waiting game , just imaging all of those people that sold bitcoin when it hit 1000.00 a coin, they got scared and dumped and cost themselves a lot of money.


Corrections are healthy. :)

Obviously I'm sure none of us can say it's a bad thing, I mean who wouldn't enjoy seeing the gains we've all seen here? There's no way it'll stay where it is at this rate though, we'll see the price correcting itself soon. I'm hoping when it does happen that it stays at around $3-4 at least and doesn't regress too much.

For now, I'm going to enjoy my increased voting power and being able to reward peoples content with more than I previously could. Not going to try and power down or anything, as I plan on staying 100 percent powered up for as long as I possibly can. My goal for now is to hit 2k Steem power within the next 6-7 months, so even if the price does settle at $3-4 I can still do a bit more curating and not feel like such a small guy on here :P


I mean who wouldn't enjoy seeing the gains we've all seen here?

The people that sold before? :D


Well, I was more or so talking about the actual community on here who aren't sell outs. Not my fault that those people lost faith and sold out :P I mean, I cashed out a bit to buy my fiancee that ring and while I'm bummed I missed out on having some extra voting power/value to my account, I'm not gonna be an asshole about it and whine or bitch. I've seen some people being downers about the price of Steem lately, and it is a bit annoying.


Yep those people have been pretty annoying, didn't matter how often you tried to tell them that things will change.


Why don't we try to fund an LSD/Mind control drug with the power of Steem? We can use it to brainwash the non believers into devoting themselves to Steemit/ Steem from now on.

That's a sane, and normal idea, right?


lol why you always gotta make it weird xD


Because I'm a weirdo? Come on, you should know that by now. You've known me, for like, 7 or 8 months I think now. It should be obvious from the way I talk, and the goofy shit I edit into my gameplay clips :D

I haven't noticed really. I have an older steem account but recently logged in for the first time in maybe a year (lol).

I've noticed that my account value has like, quintupled, which is cool.

Maybe this is motivation enough to start creating cool content? :)

Wishing everyone the best, in any event... Have an awesome 2018!

I think it's a amazing thing @acidyo, I'm still clueless on crypto though.
┐( ̄~ ̄)┌ By the way, I made you an animation not too long ago, I don't want you to miss it. Also how is your gif so high quality?

With steem and sbd being my first punts on cryptocurrency (though I feel like I've arrived a bit late to the party, it's better late than never) I'm quite excited and optimistic about the year due to the rocket sized rises I've seen for the one week I've been around.

Happy year ahead indeed.

I loved the move above $8 and have no problem with the dip back below $6.

As exciting as this has been, wake me up when we break through triple digits for the first time. You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

Im happy I got some Steem when I started out. I think we have alot left to give. If you look at Facebook marketcap its 530B$. Hopefully we can get 5-10% of that on Steem :)

what price do you see steem realistically hitting? $20? $50? $100?
I feel since powering down slows down the selling pressure that its not impossible to see the price continue to rise as more and more people start using steemit...we still do not have any major celebrity or social media start hop onto steemit yet so sky is the limit

I really hope that it stays like this and goes up. I see so much potential in Steemit and have the goal to make a social project - a foundation. It will need 15K to establish it in a legal way and with the current steem price it just would need around sixty 50$ votes to acchieve the first goal of the project. Thats amazing!!

The Vice coin association has to be a factor they are going to give all ICO participants an 'airdrop' of coins, to get them you have to have steem. Expect steem to keep rising and then some pullback as they unload those free coins and with it the steem.

I think most of us don't have anything against the price action we see these days. Personally I am mostly interested to what extend future development of SMT on Steem has been priced in by now. All the action might as well have been about joining the hype of the whole crypto world. I guess we'll see in the next few months ;-)

It's fixing to be an eventful year for Steemit… finally
╰། ◉ ◯ ◉ །╯


I am Quit Positive About the Prices in Future. I wish Till Jan 2019 100$/Steem. And we will be in the top 10 In alexa Ranking

Hopefully, steem will become very popular like other popular cryptos like bitcion and its price keeps increasing

This is a good start of the year for the steemit community! I hope that it stays.

Was chillin' out on SteemSpeak and we decided to start a new campaign promoting STEEM...
We're just gettin' started! :D
STEEM - March to $100 📈 [ Promoting the Steem Blockchain ]
#marchto100 - If we work together we'll be there in no time...


when things go up very quicky are down with more pace..

Its been a wild ride and one I hope that lasts but im not sure if I seem steem and SBD holding these values ? There just seems to be to many in circulation and supply as I am sure most big bloated accounts will start powering down.

I’m super impressed! I’ve been on steemit and into steem for less than a month and I feel like I’ve hit it just as it’s started to rise incredibly! Feels like we’re a part of something really important tho I will say I hope it does dip down a bit so I can keep powering up at better sbd:steem exchange rates lol!!

Steem has been undervalued and it is about time we go much higher. Steemit solves real world problems and it is best blockchain. There is potential of unlimited demand.

Hi.. Saw your curation trail on Streemian and i wanted to know if its beneficiary to join.

I believe that steem will enter top 10 coins by market cap this year....
Recent surge is just the tip of ice berg...Fasten the seat belt as steem is launching to moon....

I am loving it! It's quite exciting to watch! ❤

The current price into surprising to me because I already knew that the price of steem would go up at the start of this year but what I don't knw is how much correction would accompany this particular spike or won't there any correction?

I'm leaving my power! But just feeling excited in general!! :D

Massive increase didn't expect it.

I hold for a long run, even if i have only a few dollars into it.
And i will send some more soon. If it drops then i'll buy more that's all

I am really closer to my dreams, But I am still rooting for 60$/steem knowing that SMT isn't launched yet. It feels really good seeing both currencies of steemit particularly steem and sbd getting a new all time high record.

The future of Social Media is here boiz! 💯

The most interesting explanation I heard about this recent steem bull trend is that is has profited from the Raiblocks good marketing because it works very similarly to steem, except the fixed max supply.

I love it! I strongly believe that this is just the beginning! This is so well deserved for the Steemit Community! It is such an amazing Community! I'm very blessed and honored to be a part of the Steemit Community! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet how great Steemit is and how great the Steemit Community is! Joining Steemit is absolutely one of the best things that I have done for myself! Individuals are realizing the true potential of Steemit! They are also realizing how much fun Steemit is too! The Steemit membership numbers are going to be phenomenal and beyond impressive in 2018! Positive Energy! Light and Love! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

Thank you dear @acidyo, you made my day when I saw the rewards in my wallet. I love the rapid increase and I hope it doesn't fall. Nice writeups.

I think it will hit $10 mark and maybe even more, but I think it will correct itself later on because I think it went up way too fast which I am not complaining about at all.
Either way I am concentrating to build my SP as much as I can, so this is my plan for this year and I think it's going to be a very good year.

Hope everything is OK with you @acidyo since you mentioned you were dealing with personal issues and I wish you all the best in this wonderful new year.

2018 will be the year of Steem!

You asked me some time ago whether I game. I answered but it probably got lost. But to answer your question: Yes, I do game. Maybe we can play some games together :D
What's your Steam name?

Dear @acidyo I'm so over the moon!!! I remember my vision board that I've made last week!


I look it at from a perspective of the comic industry. No one has figured out how to monetize online comics since the Internet started. Steemit is the solution for webcomics. I think the rise in price will be great for the comic and cartoon community. I see lots of artists flocking to Steemit in 2018 which will be great for the entire community. Voting power will be increased across the board which will encourage more and more great art. That's why I'm forecasting $100.00 steem by the end of the year. Actually thats not why. The speculators are why steem will hit $100.00. Still, the fundamentals are very real and very strong. I'm happy.

Im ecstatic about the major bump up in price of STEEM and SBD!

I only recently joined, and am hoping to be able to become a prominent member of the Steemian community. Even in such short exposre to Steemit, I am not surpirsed it is rising in value, I expect it to increase even more!

Would be wonderful for this price to remain this high or even higher because some of my recent posts have some big upvotes and they keep increasing in value, nearly 8$$ in the past two days because of this rise in value of STEEM. So it would be nice to cash out on top and get the most, so I can further my profile and pay off my near useless student loans. UGH!

Steem to the MOON!

We have seen so often now how fast it can go.
We shouldn't miss out the opportunities we have right now.
We should be innovative and open minded to catch the opportunities.
I'm actually very excited where the steem price will be at the end of 2018.
The platform steemit will have a huge growth, that's for sure!

I think that traders are now looking for altcoins, in which you can invest money to get a big profit in a year.

Apparently, Steem seems to them a reliable currency - in fact behind it is a large platform and a strong team.


I think we're seeing steemit users wage war on each other by buying lots of steem power for different socketpuppet accounts

I think it's a great thing and I've been waiting a long time for it. But like others have said it makes it much harder to increase your steem amount..

I think there will be a correction. I wanted to buy Steem right before the uptrend hit. But I was out with family and couldn't get away to buy any.

I think we will see correction and after that even more rise. Steemit is amazing platform that will replace all other social platforms

hey @acidyo great insight as usual. I do think the price action is a little parabolic in the short term, plus isnt it better for all of us for lower steem value as we build our profiles here?

I am quite curious how many of that steem bought at bittrex and the other options are invested back in SP. This will be a good indicator to the stability of this uprise- if most if it was invested, we can believe it will just keep raising as the buyer are steemians looking to make more impact and have a bigger stake in the platform.
If most of it is kept in the steem form, than it's most probably just fortune seekers that will dump the coin and crush the price a bit.
Most probably it is part of this and part of this - with a bigger share to the steemians.

Can it be checked somehow?

I think it's a temporary situation. I would like the kiss to increase continuously :)

I HATE it!

So much money flowing in and I don't know what to do with it! What ugly sweater will I buy? What pair of shoes?! (or shoe store!)

I'm seriously considering to stop blogging!

That's it! I need to focus on living fully and give back to the poor!

/ kidding

Steem Dollars (SBD) $10.17 USD (8.11%) What is not to love about this!

I think that the price shot up also because of the slow down of BTC. Users that have BTC want to put it somewhere to make more money. Why not undervalued Steem??


i think a lot of it has to do with affordability, there are probably more people with a couple of hundred bucks to throw at it then 15 or 16 thousand a coin.


Yea that is a factor also

I think it is a gift from God.

It makes us excited to see the value of both steem and sbd goes up , i did invite my entire family to join steemit coz its really helpful and provide great opportunity when it comes to financial matter.

Welcome back @acidyo nice to hear from you again ;)

i think its nothing less than we are going beyond the moon on to mars , may the best crypto win.

I think it is well deserved given the overall value that Steem SHOULD HAVE. As exciting as it is, as a new minnow the SBD to Steem conversion ratio being so high was pretty exciting from a growth standpoint. Unless I don’t understand it properly. Still, the overall value of everyone’s accounts is going up so that’s fantastic, don’t get me wrong :).

Well, if am sincere with myself, I love the increase but considering the nature of market trends, it's not too good when prices go up or come down too suddenly, it creates an artificial consciousness that may make people feel Too concerned about the gains than self development. It's a mindset that killed Ponzi schemes and peer to peer, I would say let the market curve be gradual and not too quick.
But I enjoy it.
Thank you.

Most of us have expected steem to go up, I think that maybe before the end of the year it might reach 1 steem to $100. Nice article.

It is making me wonder if we are going to see a 1:1 relationship between Steem and Steem Dollar soon. Once that happens, I may consider hitting up the 100% power up option. Just start getting it direct to SteemPower.

My thoughts? More increase please. I feel so excited when the earnings on my posts increases without extra upvotes. Steem keep mooning, lol. Happy new year @acidyo

Hahaaa..... Saying I'm loving it would be an understatement. Nevertheless, it's more of a mixed feeling because there's a fear that it might drop soon again and very fast. So this kind of keeps me on the edge...
I'm hoping for the best though....

Here I will never say I do not experience it, yet, there will likely be a revision just in light of the fact that it’s gone up too quick too rapidly

@acidyo fully agree steem has been undervalued its come as huge supprise and i am really happy for so many good steemians like yourself i call friends here is to good times ahead for steem and thanks for all your help on the platform happy new year brother

not only yours but also my sleep already hates me for it...have a nice day...

Trend seems to say that we haven't see nothing yet... $20 before the end of the month is a possible scenario.. Happy new year @acidyo

No idea, I was ecstatic about $4, this huge ramp up is off the hook !

What a year! Steem rising like it got yeast.
The gif image at the bottom of your page makes me smile every single time. Greetings :)

Nice article.....@acidyo
The Steem Growth that is taking place is a smashing success for all steem holder... so we are looking bright future for steem and esteem no doubt.

I'm not sure I understand the reason for the sudden uptrend but I can't complain. Just hope it stays high

Unbelievable upward tick as of late... upward tick is an understatement, this has been a tear that can't be reckoned with... it goes to show that more and more people are finally finding out about steemit and the word seems to be getting out as time goes on, it's just a matter of time before this eruption continues!! Let's keep steeming shall we !!!

Happy and excited with the increase ofcourse but what comes up must come down, hope it wont go down like quarter 4 of last year.

I'm sure that Steem will continue to grow up so i don't have any intentions to power down. Some people say that Steem will be 100$ till the end of 2018. I really believe in that so i will save all i have for later:)))

No doubts that seeing it grove so much gives you great feeling...but, knowing how cryptocurrencies may go down quicker than we expect also gives a portion of care...
All in all, better to see it rising rather than being steady at around 0.92 $ :)

I believe Steem will sky rocket this year. We need cryptocurrencies with a real use to be in top 10 and definitely Steem with the most active blockchain should be there.

20B as total market cap is not hard to achieve!

Steem on!

I need to buy more steem is how i feel :D

XRP to the moon baby!

I wanted to get some steem when it was $2++ but I hesitated. Now it is $7++ :(

I think the prices, for the entire crypto market, had risen a bit too fast and a correction is expected. That being said, the crypto market still has a lot of room to grow in the future!

You have a very good question here that we need to criticize

I’m loving the exciting this new uprise are bringing. Just hoping this is all for the long run benefit of Steem. Any update info on SMT? Best wishes 😃

Keep going up steem. Steam steam..

I think it has now a more realistic value that properly represent its true potential.

Steem should eventually stabilize itselfs above 10$

Over 100$ by 2019!!!

I am not buying any at this price but sure glad for the steempower i have now

I'm expecting a pull back to maybe $5 with a price at the end of the year around $20.

All this is completely dependent on the rise or fall of the market cap however.

No particular thought only:

Seriously though I see the price increase as a free promotion for steemit. Unlike other coins with 0 engaged communities, new people who try steemit will have a higher chance of steemit here not for the price but for the platform itself.

I think we are on a trip to the $20 mark till spring. And I like it)

It's definitely nice to look at our wallets but at that steep of an increase, I would think there's got to be some pull back in the other direction in our near future.

But nonetheless, I'd rather look at the bigger picture. We've seen huge gains in 2017, so that's something to be happy about! I remember being excited about steem reaching 50 cents USD. lol

I guess as the idea catches on and more contributors shift from other blogging sites like medium ect to steemit it will keep on going up over time even if there are a few small dips.

hey bro your thoughts are excellent and I am a new steemian and want to learn more

Price will go down to 5 usd in 3-4 days from now cuz people will start to power down so it's preaty obvios

I think it jumped too high. I mean it's insanely good and I hope it will last longer but... it should correct later.
So it can grow even more in the long run!
Hey how did you grow so strong, you're already at 500$ posts!

ya no deberia existir la palabra sorpresa para en cuanto la volatilidad de los precios de las criptomonedas ya deberíamos estar acostumbrados y mas bien aprovechar nuestro conocimientos para beneficiarnos mejor... todo dice que las criptomonedas seguiran y seguiran creciendo y en realidad ni me imagino cuando tocaran techo...