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Hello Steemians,
Today I'd like to announce that AskSteem now natively supports searching steem users. To ensure consistency we have made the user search functionality just as robust and powerful as post searching and included querying by followers, reputation, wallet balance, and more.

User Search

If you'd like to see the new changes without reading about them one by one then check out this video.

How to Use

To start using user searches all you need to do is continue searching on AskSteem, and you will begin seeing user results among their post counterparts, such as in the following examples.

Query: steem

Query: asksteem

Query: zappl phishing

Breakdown of a User Result

Each user result contains information such as the username and bio of the user. Additionally, you can click on the follower counts to be taken to an AskSteem search result page with a list of that user's followers/people they are following.

New Query Syntax

With this new functionality comes a whole new set of query formats, in addition to our existing selection.

Follower Search

You can search by followers to find users who are following each other.
Users who follow @thekyle:
Users who @thekyle follows:
Users with more than 100 followers:
Users who follow less than 10 people:

Reputation Search

Search by the reputation of users.
Users with more than 40 reputation:
Users with exactly 30 reputation:

Post Count Search

Search by the number of posts a user has.
Users with more than 100 posts:
Users with exactly 50 posts:

Registration Date Search

Search by the account registration date of a user using the format of YYYY-MM-DD.
Users who created their account on June 20, 2017 (also includes posts):
Users who created their account during May 2017 (also includes posts):
created:[2017-05-01 TO 2017-05-31]

Wallet Balances & Steem Power Search

Search by the balances that a steem user has in their account wallet.
Users with 10 SBD:
Users with more than 50 Steem power
Users with between 40 and 50 STEEM:[40 TO 50]



this is a welcomed development, good work.


Awesome addition! I was actually looking for something like this recently.


Glad you like it. :)

Thank you for sharing. That's a great search!

Glad you like it. :)

Thank you for this 'simplified' addition. Super like it :)

Your welcome, thanks for the feedback. :)

Thanks & Cheers! ;)

Is it possible to search the posts with a specific tag by the specific user ?

Such as #introduceyourself for example.

Absolutely! author:beanz AND tags:introduceyourselfshould do the trick. Obviously replace your username with any other or change the tag. Check out this post for more details:

Thank you for this 'simplified' addition. Super like it :)

Thanks for sharing - that is rellay good

That's great.
I'll investigate how to use AskSteem.

Thats good. Now we can make searches with ease

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It is really helpful. Thank you very much for making it possible. Also can I have the YouTube video url. Please.

Very good tool to have, thanks to all who created this.

Hey @thekyle Fantastic product!!!, you must have worked at Google before, perhaps as a Teacher?

Just not sure where to ask if this could work somehow:
author:* AND tags:poverty .....This works okay, but is there any way to display a list of just the authors in this search?

Sorry for the late reply, yes there is using the API. For example:
You can then parse the JSON response and extract the Usernames. If you need any help feel free to contact me on

Just found this 👍

This looks great. Really looking forward to exploring this search engine further. Thank you.

i enjoying to search here

this is a welcomed development.I appreciate you. good work.

Most wanted feature... Busted :)

Haha yeah, well glad this is something people wanted. :)

that great idea :)

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