Can anyone suggest where to rent SP from?

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I heard someone mention how cheap it is now to rent SP. Anyone got any suggestion on where to do so? My vote isn't quite as effective as I would like it to be.

No, I don't plan on trying to post 10 times per day and get paid for it. Just wanna be able to reward comments and posts with a few cents rather than 1 or two.

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You can use minnowbooster or
Delegationhub offers good conditions but has fewer offers than minnowbooster

There you go, some free delegation for you.

LOL! I just laughed so hard at the irony that I face desked.

Unfortunately, positive face desk gifs aren't as big of a thing, so this was the best I could come up with. :(

Thank you. You are as always one of the most epic whales on here. I am humbled by your wake.

Now I'm gonna go cry.

Very cool!

There is a minnowsupport one too, but I don't remember the URL

Yeah, I mainly remember minnowsupport being mentioned all the time I think.

Why rent, when you can buy?
You'd be doing us all a favor.
Instead of the whales cashing out.

Because I'm not rich.
And I already have some Steem liquid.

Liquid steem is a money loser, the inflation eats away at it.
Sp gets some relief from dilution by the interest it is given and curation rewards.
Renting gives the interest, and your payment, to the whale cashing out. (If he is.)
My bet is you lose on the deal.
You gotta do what you do.