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RE: AskSteem is Shutting Down

in #asksteem5 years ago

Oh, man, this is terrible and sad. AskSteem is an amazing asset in the Steem ecosystem and it is going to leave a huge gaping hole. We are all feeling the pinch of this broken market, some more than others and I am sorry that it ended this way for you.

On behalf of the Steem community and developers who relied on your services, thank you for everything and I hope to see you rise from the ashes when and if the market ever recovers.

Is it possible that AskSteem would ever be open sourced? Maybe someone else might be willing to spin up a server and host a search API as well, if only for their own projects.


Hi there,
Yes, there is a high likelihood that we'll open source the AskSteem source code. We're also working with some of our larger customers (like DTube) to build a completely new set of search utilities which will be open source from the start.

Thanks for the work, even though I'm new to all of this, I can see that a lot of effort has been put into this.

It seems search is not working currently, is there any time estimate for when the search function will be back?

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