AskSteem: How much have you earned on Steem this month so far?

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So had this idea for a cross-post cross-platform. ;)

I'll ask in here how much each of you have made from using Steem this month (approximately), then ask how much users have made on Twitter and then on Reddit.

Who do you think is going to win this one? :P

So how much have you earned in 2020 so far on Steem?

Post rewards, curation, witness, steem-engine tokens, anything goes. :)


1000 STEEM (SP and Monster delegation payments) and 50,000 Dark Energy Crystals, (approx.)
Edit: Forgot 300 STEEM In curation and posting rewards.
1300 STEEM, 50,000 DEC (worth 200 STEEM)
1500 STEEM total, or 50 a day.

Phew hard to tell with SE-Tokens but I would say 300-400 Steem

Holy shit! Dude you're making like a Minnow/Month
Nice wage!

Haha thank you, it's nice to earn that with more or less only some votes
But you are also earning a nice amount of steem with your drawings :)

Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken Miner ein Upvote von @sebescen81 alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Yup, it's pretty awesome since HF21/22 when orcas and whales moved their asses a bit :). I think That was Huuuuuge moove for all.

I haven't earned anything on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram. All of them are a waste of time I would say. I have better friends here and strong relations even if I don't earn much. I might be more active on Steemmonsters and earn some Steem and good cards. I know I can do better once I get more time to be active.

Something like 100 Steem & SP in total?

Not entirely sure. That's for the posts that have been paid out so far, I have some more Steem coming from the current posts. This looks like it's going to be a good month.

Its about 150 steem in this 20 days of 2020..

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I am earning approximately 30 Steem a week ... so 120 Steem so far in 2020. Not bad eh. Will share on Twitter .... #posh Http://

Last 30 Days,

600 in curation
2000 in SP + 2000 in liquids (from posting and I had a couple large payouts this month)
This (if I had sold it) has a street value of ~$800

I do not know about Steem-Engine tokens, but I would predict it is a couple hundred STEEM worth. I take some out for powering up, I stake some and have my @babytarazkp account distribute it through @curangel. It votes with multiple tokens and significant value 100 times per day to about 400 accounts a week.

For the first time in about 2 years, I took a little STEEM to play the markets (about 1500) recently, but it will eventually come back with a bit more (if all goes to plan).

I have been buying and exchanging shitcoins like EOS over the last year and a half and have increased my SP by about 50,000 STEEM in that period. It is because of this that my curation returns are so high, (and because of the EIP of course).

While these post earning numbers are likely among the highest on the platform, I do think that my content brings value and will bring more in the future. My 28 day tweet impressions from my posts alone, are 60k. I also think that while not everyone is likely to be able to produce as consistently as me, over the last year there are people like @blewitt, @slobberchops and @goblinknackers who have bought in similarly and are enjoying the benefits of compunding Steem Power through curation and posting. I urge everyone to post something, and as many as possible to bring their A-game and share it with the world.

At the next full bull run, I think we need to find users across multiple disciplines and boost them to the moon and get their names out there as this will get traction. Then we have to have fantastic UIs and UXs for new users to enjoy and get value from, even if they don't earn from them. When it comes to online earnings, it requires a great deal of consistent work for most people to get something significant, and Steem is no different - but, pretty much everyone with a brain (many without) can earn something here, which can't be said about pretty much any other platform out there.

While the focus on earnings is not ideal for onboarding end users, if approaching people who really are looking to earn from their content, it can help to see that it is possible. What they would have to realize however that the best way to earn is a hybrid approach from content creation and investing, as this allows for relationship development and the ability to support others who are value generating for the platform.

The value of investing in STEEM POWER is it can be actively used to invest into people who support the generation of value in the STEEM held. It is an ecosystem after all, and results are going to vary across individuals due to a host of factors.

The content creators I am associated with in multiple fields make money from the places they post. It is a very hard sell to expect them to "invest" in STEEM in order to get their message out.

They will spend some money to buy tools to help in posting, but the ides of investing in a crypto coin is a big turn-off in my experience. They will go back to Pinterest, fb, or Insty, where they do not have such a hurdle.

Investors and content creators are two different breeds for the most part.

Investors and content creators are two different breeds for the most part.

Not in my experience, as those who are looking to monetize are willing to invest their time in, like you said, tools. Steem Power is a tool, and it is how one uses it that can make a significant difference.

but the ides of investing in a crypto coin is a big turn-off in my experience.

They will learn, or miss out.

What categories are the content creators you know posting in, @tarazkp. Mine are mostly authors, artists and coaches with no patience for the intricacies of STEEM. If they are travel or food peeps, they can get into tasteem or travelfeed and do well, but coming in here with your fiction is a sure path to crickets.

The people I know are entrepreneurs that are willing to put in the steps on and off platforms. The intricacies of Steem are nothing in comparison to what it takes to run a business or shop ones talents, skills and wares. I think people who are limiting themselves to online are well, limiting themselves. I do not know any purely online authors who live well off it, but I do know playwrights, poets and authors who use online platforms to enhance their reach. All of them put more than their skill in to get to where they are.

Are these people succeeding on STEEM now?

I’m confused why you still keep marketing in this way, when you have mentioned elsewhere that having people come here just for the money is not beneficial?

Am I missing something?

Marketing as a get rich quick platform is not the same as one where you can earn something for your time compared to the other two.

“Come here and make money” is the marketing that has been used since day one, that I thought everyone agreed did not work.

I understand “earning” is a way to attract creators who are sharing their work elsewhere, but to just do here as well as an additional income revenue.. and not bring their audience.. isn’t really that beneficial (as we have seen).

I just wish this style of marketing, and the heavy staked votes that follow, would perhaps try to incentivize bringing the audience and viewers as well.. not just cross posting for huge, unrealistic longterm, votes.

Either way I appreciate getting the name out there at all, just was confused based on conversations I’ve seen. Thanks for your response.

as someone who is lost in all that web 3.0 talk, for me it looks like the money part is the part of all that talk. as you all will earn something (mostly pocket change) for all the data you share on the web. from that point of view you could ask people did you earn anything on xy social network because mass majority earns nothing.

3.0 web talk should be more about self ownership and decentralization.. not “get paid for your data”.. as you can’t get paid for your data, unless someone is willing to pay for it, otherwise that doesn’t work longterm.

If there is no demand for particular content, there is no logical reason it would earn anything.

So there should be a focus on actually rewarding what is valuable, or perhaps what attracts an audience.. as just handing out inflation, if it never brings in value, will end up backfiring.

As quite frankly .. why should anyone earn from their “social media” unless it somehow attracts a large audience?

The value is not earning off everything you do.. the value is being a part owner in a platform that can not be shut down by a centralized force. The cherry on top is being able to earn, if you can attract an audience.. imo anyways.

i do agree with most of it. but everything has some demand. i am sure that fb or insta made some money out of the fact that i am on it. and is there a demand for my content? not really (100-200 people click the heart icon, and that is mostly because of small town, everyone knows everyone). so why not micro payments for micro demand :D

Like $40 maybe?

Trick question, you answered in fiat value, ha!

😜Over 160 steem but less than 250 for sure, Steemworld shows the last 30 days but that would count parts of December :^)

Last 30 days is estimated at around 74.27. So almost a triple A game at release! I was very blessed these past few weeks.

I'm guessing that's $ as well? Pff! Think in Steem people! ;P

I think in video games they are my currency. When i run out it's like a market crash.

Hehe, the last few years I keep looking at fiat prices IRL and in the back of my head keep thinking how much Steem it is. xD

Maybe it sounds not so much but it seems to me that as a rewards I've got nearly 27 Steem and 33SP. Also nearly 4-5 $ in Splinterlands cards. 🤔

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At least you answered half the question in Steem instead of $, hehe. :D

What do you think of the changes of Steem so far in terms of curation on your posts, have they gotten better since the bid bot era even with curation now taking 50% of the rewards and 10% going to the DAO?

Your latest post was nice, btw!

Hmm interesting question🤔
My opinion about it has changed nearly month or 2 ago.
Now if we talk about current moment. I think that changes are positive if we talk about curation rewards.
And here I should mention that after last HF I've got in October my biggest payout for my post.

Of course if look deep in the begining of my Steem path I wasn't huge fun of bid bots.
Yes I used such services like minnowbooster, smartsteem, thundercurator or ctime. But my posts weren't at trending page and I've never received hundreds Steem for my posts. Maximum was nearly 19-20.

Also when last HF has been announced I was a little confused and didn't know what will happen thuther. I just knew that I'll continue to publish my post. Of course it happens not every day due some family and work reasons.

Next one moment that I noticed that some people continues to use bots like rocky1 or other. But it happens not so often and some accounts disline from payouts if they are use bots.

As a conclusion I want to say once more that changes in curation after last HF are more positive in my opinion. And I hope that people will continue to curate not only with after upvote services or trails but also manualy!

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6g9zl6.jpg shows more: 152

Хмм странно пытался сам скалькулировать, видимо что-то не так посчитал.. А это значение уже в вычетом 50 процентов или нет?

да, уже с учетом. вы посмотрите сами (или любой др.пофиль)

На будущее учту☝️я то бросился сам калькулировать, а ларчик оказывается просто открывался

но, может, и не совсем так... acidyo конкретно спросил "за истекший период 2020" - т.е. за 20ть дней нового года... включая сюда и всяческую тряхомудию - SE токены, кристаллы из игр, и прочее... как посчитать это легким путем и точно согласно техзаданию - х.3. но есть простой инструмент, и я его использовал.. и вот если все используют его же, то в моем понимании, и результаты будут сопоставимыми 8-)

Mine $30

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Probably around 150 STEEM or so!

I would say around 380 steem. Hard to say the exact amount. It would have been so much easier if the payouts were displayed in steem instead of $ and so much more representative for our account's growth. But it's a nice question anyway. Maybe I'll start taking a print-screen of my wallet every month, to keep a better track of my earnings!

Steemworld will show 30 day SP, Steem, and SBD rewards.

Thank you for letting me know!
It turned out that I got 236,65 steem.


thats not counting S-E tokens, ofc. all the best!

Thanks for the help :)

About 2 bucks or 10 steem

299.67 steem including curation.

around 100, I guess.. says steemworld..

About 64 STEEM so far. My content is original digital illustrations. I think I could be earning more. But how could I? Any suggestions? (It's a question about STEEM, not about art. Although I know there is a lot of subjectivity about how I could have better rewards). Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Steemit Inc beyond rewards. <3

About 74 Steem in the last 30 days. Not bad considering I haven't been able to put out much content but I have been trying to keep on curating and the tribe tokens are growing nicely also.

419 steem since 01/01 and another 120 or so in current rewards.

The first answer that comes to mind is: Not nearly enough.

The second answer is: Roughly 60 Steem and 60 SP.

well i earned 0 steem on twitter and reddit :)
and earned around 180 steem overall in the last 30 days here on steem. if i wanted to spend it and was able to pay with it it would probably be a decent diner for 2 at an "normal" restorant here in Serbia

I'm going to say about 200 SP + 165 liquid Steem, so about 365 Steem so far, all of it from posting and curation.

Add in bits and pieces from SCOT tokens, maybe another 25, although those are harder to track.



posting on a daily basis, original content, mostly photos. I power up everything. I would say, a typical post (if getting no fat curation attention) is about 0.6-1 steem.

the screencap doesnt includes SE tokens which I earn too (mostly CCC, photo, neoxian and TLNT).

0 steem. I just got back into the Community after 3 months of being idle.

But look to change that in coming months ;)

Cheers to Steem :)

Around 500 Steem, mostly in Steem power.
Interestingly, I use Twitter a little bit and Instagram a bit more. True, no monetary values earned at those platforms, but also time spend on those platforms is soooo much less than on Steem. Although 500 Steem earned in less than a month is for many Steemians a lot, in the country I live in, it's more pocket money. Until Steem prices go to the moon and stay there, I think Steem should not be marketed as a place where one can earn (a bit of) money by eg blogging, since there is simply not enough Steem distributed to give meaningful money to the majority of the users. With meaningful money, I mean at to be able to afford eg a lunch in a restaurant each week. With my 500 Steem, I can probably afford 1 lunch per week in a low cost restaurant. That said: I buy my lunch with money earned in FIAT and powerup all Steem I earn :)

Not much, really. Less than 10 STEEM, I think. But I'm not sad, I'm glad to be back after a longer break from Steem and happy to start all over again. Plus, I'm waiting for some loans on a real estate crowdfunding platform to end so I could invest in Steem instead. (Hope it doesn't go wayyy up when I finally get to buy :'D (buy high, sell low, lmfao))

not very much earning in steems :>

but has been getting fiat commissions for art pieces outside of steems :>