Introducing the #minnow-guide Tag

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Why am I 'Creating' a tag?

I spent the morning sifting through Tag Spam reports. One of the responses I receive most from those posting under #introduceyourself tags is that they are posting information and guides for new users.

The problem with that approach is that these posts can bury user introductions. So I went hunting for a new tag and found that #minnow-guide isn't being used.

When Can You Use It?

While I specifically would like to see guides posted here it can be used by anyone who publishes a post that contains information relevant to new users.

Who Gave Me the Authority to Create a Tag?

No one. Tags are community property and while I don't own the tag I am claiming it for a specific community use and I intend to monitor it for abuse. This tag is somewhat subjective so only completely irrelevant posts will be commented on and warned against Tag Abuse or Tag Spam as @steemcleaners defines it in their yet unpublished updated Abuse Guide.

Hehe... Yeah, I'm shamelessly plugging the guide I'm working on and will post in the next day or two under @steemcleaners.

Why am I Announcing it?

Because I need your help! Our community tags are sorely lacking in diversity and relevancy. In order for a tag to gain popularity it has to be promoted & used! I'd appreciate everyone who sees a post that is relevant to the tag leave a comment to the contributor suggesting it.

Help Wanted

While I'm sorely lacking in time with my other work I really would like to see someone take the idea and run with it. Create a 'go to' tag for minnows and new users to find information in one place. After the recent phishing attack it would be a great tag for users to find information.

It would also be great if someone who has the time to publish a list of the best guides contributed for the week. Maybe someone who is a member of or familiar with other minnow projects like @minnowbooster or @minnowsupport... hint, hint.

Thoughts & Comments

Okay... I'm headed back to work. Tell me what you think of the idea, how I can get users involved, or if you think I'm wasting my time.

Lets create one relevant and useful tag with a purpose for our community!

Image by @atopy

Current Projects: @steemcleaners 🙣 @spaminator

Projects I support: @minnowsupport

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"Our community tags are sorely lacking in diversity and relevancy." -@patrice

I agree completely. I think this is a fundamental problem with steemit and communities (like the one you are introducing) need to work together to overcome this. Thanks for taking the initiative!

A very good idea. I will make a post about comment spam tomorrow.

yeah, this is a good idea...

It is a good point to have one place with a main tag for reference.

And to all rookies when people see them here to can guide them there. And that way they can see the latest guides released by old fellas ;-)

Not having a menu for rookies it makes it hard to understand from the beginning. We all have been there, right? ;-)

It is kind of messy at the start when all information and all that enthusiasm is impossible to not make a mistake.

Just an idea that came in my mind now. Maybe a small incentive for random older users who help the minnows to not make bigger mistakes can be a tryout... or something else.

Also, just a few tags that will be relevant to the minnows it is a great idea.


I thought this was supposed to be a guide on how to ask steemcleaners to create a new tag, but all I am reading is an avoidance of any kind of answer.