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Ashwagandha shrubs and its roots are used. Its root is like the fingers and the white is broken inside. The leaves are 2-5 inches long, the nozzles are slender, and the scales are dry. This tree is much like the eggplant tree in height and composition. Usually up to 5 feet tall. The green part of the tree from which the leaves come out, contains a reddish color. The seeds are smooth and flattened. As the roots are soft and the smell of horse is ashwagandha good. Recent scientific studies have shown that ashwagandha is more effective than ginseng in China. Ashwagandha roots and seeds are used. Flowers come in October-May and ripen in June-August.

Part of use:-

The roots / roots of Ashwagandha are used.

How a part is used:-

  • If you have inflammatory disease, then four grams of ashwagandha can be obtained by playing with the main rice ghee and honey.
  • Cough Disease Cough disease is better by playing with three grams of ashwagandha basal hot water.
  • Aspiration of ashwagandha root is available in respiratory diseases, with honey, there are many benefits.
  • In tuberculosis, the main benefits of ashwagandha root chewing with honey is found in special benefits.
  • Treatment of gonorrhea by treating it with cold water every morning.
  • Asparagus crushed in two and a half grams of insomnia with good amount of sugar and milk, sleep well and the insomnia disease is eliminated.

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