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This is my first post to in a while, and i have some catching up to do.. but it is actually my first post to my website utilizing the #Steempress plugin via #Steemit , which (if this works correctly) will simultaneously post to my Steemit blog:

** Thanks to @howo and @fredrikaa for creating Steempress and to scottyeager for the very easy to use guide and tutorial here

For those who are not familiar; STEEMIT is the first decentralized social media platform of its kind, built on the Steem blockchain, to which you can post content and get rewarded with STEEM tokens based on upvotes. Follow the value of Steem

Steem Steemit Tokens

Steem is a great social media platform for artists, bloggers, musicians, and people who like to spend a lot of time on social medias surfing the net. Not only do authors get paid for Authorship of content but Curators also get paid when you upvote another fellow Steemian's post. Because Steemit is decentralized and based on open source Blockchain technology, it enables developers to create and add to the code and help further build the platform. In addition to a blogging / social media foundation, Steemit blockchain also provides a Video platform (D.Tube); Music Platform (DSound.Audio), & a Live Stream (DLive). Here is the link to my very first post and introduction to the Steemit community:


Original post :

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