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Mathues Imhotep is an Author, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, IT Specialist, Private Banker, Consultant and Entrepreneur. Mathues received his spiritual name, which means teacher of sacred mathematics (Actual name revealed in person due to the secret background involving the Chinese Elders and New Banking System) on the major planetary activation (known as 11:11) of 1/11/92 at 11:11 pm, while meditating on Mt. Shasta. This was one of the many experiences that led him to discover his divine lineage and his connection to the Higher Over-Soul aspect known as Sanat Kumara.

Beginning at the age of 19, several very powerful, un-evoked, Spirit inspired and guided experiences of Self-Realization formed the awareness of a Divine Consciousness, which overshadowed and braided with Mathues at the soul level.

These encounters have lead him into greater quests of Self-Discovery. Ultimately, resulting in activations and initiations that have produced the ability to recall and access inner knowledge and wisdom through a conscious awareness to many significant aspects of the collective Over-Soul SELF. One such Self-Discovery happened in 1997 when Mathues returned from Egypt with the conscious awareness of an activation into the Over-Soul aspect of the Egyptian Vicar of Hidden Wisdom: IMHOTEP. Additional key lifetimes have been remembered, including several spiritual leader roles. Much of these experiences has resulted in this body of material. The final higher self integration took place inside the Great Pyramid on 11/22/98. This is accomplished by aligning all the bodies and opening all the seals within each Chakra, with the final awakening accompanied by the activation of the 7th Seal Crown Chakra.

Through the conscious access of his Higher Master Self and direct physical contact with the Arcturians over a period of years, Mathues has recalled, retraced, and has been shown the grand plan and wisdom of the Avataric dispensation. The awareness and understanding of a plan for Global Transformation into Ascension has been carried throughout key periods in history, revealing golden threads that have bound the Divine plan together through the periodic return (embodiment) of the Eternal Cadre; the ‘12 of the 24’(Elohim Creator Beings) who have been preparing the way for the Divine Golden Age. By relating wisdom and sharing his experiences, Mathues has assisted many in remembering and activating their Eternal Consciousness and Master Selves as a balanced embodiment, here and now.

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