Mother Akasha

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Today we honor Mother Akasha

What would Love do now? The 'Infinite I AM Rose', the Mother's Presence, Beloved Mother Akasha of the Rose Pink Ray is the Universal Love that is nurturing, revealing, and fulfilling all Life out the Great Central Sun. She is also known as the Flower of Life Blueprint, the Akashic Force of Life. She is the Rose expressing as the Immortal Rose Soul of the First Mother's Presence. She entered the Earth plane in Delphi, Greece as part of a Divine Plan for this Seventh Golden Age, taking on a physical garment formed by the House of Melchizedek. She lived in Delphi for I2,000 years in a protected civilization invisible to the mass of the people. Mother Akasha's Presence came onto the Planet 37,000 to 25,000 years ago entering through Mount Parnassus created by Her Son, the Immortal Apollo. She Ascended from Delphi one spring day on May 25th. Mother Akasha returned in 1994 to usher in Her Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love, Will, and Grace to Earth. "Love is always the answer."

On December 28, 2012, Mother Akasha raised Her entire Student Body into Radiant Rose Souls from the Violet Soul evolution. "The Soul is the greatest source of Love. It is total Perfection and it does not register imperfection." The Radiant Rose Soul is the highest Soul Evolution, achievable under Mother Akasha's Dispensation. Radiant Rose Souls reaching the I2th Degree of Evolution become Eternal Radiant Rose Souls forever. She reveals that those who come to execute the Divine Plan upon Earth will be known as the 'Hope of the Future' choosing the Rose Path so they would come back at this time to be first responders in the Resurrection cycle of this new Golden Age. Mother Akasha has decreed the Resurrection of the Divine Feminine (feelings, heart, and soul) must occur first, and the Resurrection of the Divine Feminine will lead the way for the Divine Masculine (mind) and blessed Elementals (the physical body) during this Seventh Golden Age.

"If you open your Life to half of God, you open your Life to the incomplete fulfillment of God. For in the Heavens, Divine Love stands equal to Divine Light". Mother Akasha's Rose is the Diamond Shining Eternal Rose out the Great Central Sun, the original Rose from which all other Roses in the Universe are created. Her Diamond Shining Rose is the Light and the Love of a Diamond symbolizing it is a Love that can never be fractured. This is why Mother Akasha's Family is called the 'Family of the Eternal Rose'. Mother Akasha has promised, "What is done for one will be done for another when and where possible". She invites you to touch your Heart, when you feel you could use a little extra Love just touch your fingertips to your Heart. It is through the Heart I AM One with you; it is through the mind of God, Jesus is One with you. Then send me a message, "Mother Akasha enfold me in the wings of your Love and don't let go of me. I shall remember your Love is a Love that fulfills. It is a Love fulfilling every constructive thought, and constructive choice registering in my mind." Then be still for a moment and receive.

Sacred Fire Love: Rose Pink Ray and Flames

Heart Flame: Rose Pink from out the White Fire

Divine Attributes: First Mother; 'Infinite I AM' Mother's Presence from the Great Central Sun; Akashic Force, Flower of Life Blueprint; Universal Chohan; Avatar of the Rose Gold Robes; Divine Mother; Solar Angel; Divine Regent of the Mother's Presence; "Queen of Heaven"; Her Eminence; Her Grace; Silent Watcher; Great Manu; One of 144 Eloah; our Heart of Creation; Over Soul of Angels; Presence within ALL Presence; Twin Flame to Lord Asun; Sister to Goddess Rose; Earth's Ascended Master Elect 20I3

Divine Gifts: 'Infinite I AM Mother'; Rose Pink Ray and Flames of Divine Love, Will, Grace, Elegance; the Soul; Impersonal 'I AM Presence'; Ascended Master Joy, Resolve, Magnet's Presence; Raised Student Body Seven Year Cycles of Soul Evolution; Radiant Rose Soul; Order of the Diamond Purple Heart; Order of the Golden Rose; Embodied upon Earth the Mother's Presence; Protects, Guides, Awakens Loved Ones; Fountain of Rose Petals.

Prayer Calls to Beloved Mother Akasha

Beloved Mother Akasha, Holy 'Infinite I AM Mother' out the Great Central Sun, I say to the 'Christ I AM' of my Being, and I say to You, Beloved Holy Mother, Yes! I AM willing, I AM allowing, and I AM giving myself permission for the 'Christ I AM' of my being to begin the revelation of signs that is always followed by Miracles, giving the indication of the arrival of the last preparations of the Untouchables, that 'I AM' is revealing through this earthly embodiment as quick as a flash, the Ascended Masters Way, as the Ascended Masters see it!
Beloved Mother, I call upon You to activate the Akashic Record, the personal Divine Plan my Presence has for this embodiment now and fully in all days forward. Let the journey of the Akashic Record reveal its Divine Plan of such Joy and Happiness, my divine birthright, and perfection unfolding all my days of the 'Christ I AM' upon the Earth as the Divine Feminine leads the way of Resurrection. 'I AM, I AM, I AM' the divine longing that desires to recline in the Soul of your Love. So, I call unto You, Beloved Mother, magnetically attract all love out of my Heart Flame to be your Blessing to all Life. I AM full of loving gratitude and blessedness you are my Divine Mother, and I have found you again for all eternity.

Your Grace is my sufficiency! Enfold me in your Rose Pink Rays of Divine Love, Will, Grace, and Elegance a living, loving proclamation of your Mother's Presence returned and restored to Earth forever, forever, and forever. For I AM truly grateful, blessed, and filled to overflowing with Love sourced of Thee, Beloved Mother Akasha!

Oh Mother Akasha, how I love Thee and thank You for your great Service to Life. Hold me in the fullness of your Love as I welcome your Divine Intervention and Assistance and I open now to receive all your Blessings. In the fullness of your Presence, Holy Mother, is the Freedom I desire, and in the fullness of your Presence, Divine Mother, is the Love that I require. I love to come before You, and bow before Thy Grace, knowing one day I shall stand before Thee, in Thy Presence, face to face. In the Holy and Sacred Name 'I AM', and in your Presence Beloved Mother Akasha, I call upon the Great Love Flame within my heart to rise and release Waves of Love to You Divine Mother, so grateful I AM, for the outpouring of your Love this Holy Day of the Seven Sacred Weeks.

The Light of God never fails! (3)

The Love of God always fulfills! (3)

Oh Mother Akasha Come,
Compel our Freedom won.
And with Your Gracious Hand, Makes all know God 'I AM'!

'I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM'

Now be at Peace, stay open and receptive for a few minutes in quiet, and receive your Blessing

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