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RE: How to fairly redistribute the wealth  ?

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I think redistributing wealth could arguably be called stealing. It is true that compassion should move rich people to give, but if it doesn't, we still cannot take it from them.

Wealth does help others naturally. Everyone dies eventually, and the money is passed down to children, foundations/non-profits, or the State.

Nearly all wealthy people invest in the stock market, which helps companies grow, produce, and pay their thousands of employees.

A bigger question is, if unearned money is given to someone, will they use it wisely? As unbelievable as it may sound, lottery winners can be literally bankrupt in a few years. Wealth is not the answer in itself, virtue is.

If big corporations choose to pay their employees a living wage, even if they could get similar output by paying less, wealth is distributed fairly. An employee who earns a living wage will contribute more to the economy. He may go to the barber instead of having his wife cut his hair. Thus the barber will get more business, and expand his shop etc.

The effect ripples out. I think virtue is the answer. Virtue is infectious, so we must practice it ourselves and change the world.

G.K. Chesterton was once asked, What is wrong with the world?
He replied, "I am".

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The good thing is that we agree on 2 points :

  • Virtue is more important than money
  • We all have to work on ourselves to improve ourselves

So I am not going to repeat arguments that you have already heard 100 times about capitalism and how the capitalists are stealing their money from workers and monopolizing commons ressources or stealing natural resources from indigenous people and selling weapons all over the planet, I am going to look for a larger truth , a truth that is including my thruth and your truth.

Capitalism started in England at the 18e century, it exploded with the discovery of oil and has been well adapted to the industrial revolution, which brought at lot of wealth to million of people. Capitalism is also killing us, today.

Shed A Light: Rupert Read – This civilisation is finished: so what is to be done?

All over the world, new solutions are emerging, the future will tell us if they are better or worst.

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