Do you know about Ecosia Search? And if yes, what do you think about it?

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¡Hola todos!


I was recently informed through a friend's post about a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees where they’re most needed. I added it to my browser and started using it. So far no problem with the quality of the results, and even if something very specific that I am searching is not having satisfying results (my searches regarding my job can sometimes be very demanding), I can always use the engine that I was using until now only for this particular thing. For me it's really worth the try.

I would like to ask you too if you know it, if you have any experience either with the plugin or with the company itself/ the organisations they are working with, as well as other environment and humanity initiatives worldwide that enable us to incorporate helping actions in our every day life.

I have also discovered two great videos that talk about whether it is legit - worth using it (turns out it is), and explain the way it works.

You can watch them to find out more in the following links:


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Yup many people i know use this! Very nice initiative! Thanks for sharing it..

Thank you too @eco-alex ! I have been using it the whole day today and it seems that the results are absolutely satisfying, I had no problem finding anything, even job and troubleshooting related! I am loving it and in one day I helped 1.5 tree to be planted! 😃

Nice! It seems silly not to use it huh!

Exactly! I think I'm starting a "campaign" in friends and family, already added it to my mother's browser too! 😄

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Thank you very much @steemitboard !😊 Wishes for a great week!

Very cool, I just gave it a shot and will use it until the earth is a forest ;P

@swearngin superb! 😺

Thanks for spreading the word :)

I'll give it a try 😉

Hello Joel, that's really great! 😊

I still haven't gotten around to trying it. I don't search often, but I guess it's kind of habit to just drop the question in the browser which automatically goes to Google. Occasionally I remember to use duckduckgo if I'm searching something which Google might have a bias for or against, because I struggle to find what I'm looking for with their algorithms. I must try and change that to ecosia and develop a new habit.

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Hello @minismallholding ! I am making a whole lot of searches every day for all kinds of things! Some of them only google can be good at finding (especially when it comes to searching solutions for my job / troubleshooting).

I have also been using duckduckgo for some time. For the same kind of use (privacy, searches that don't get filed on your profile, no ads & trackers etc) you can also check out different browsers (I know Epic, Brave - which I have not used yet and Tor for more advanced users).

So, I have different browsers/ search engines depending on what I want to do:

  • If I search and do every day things and simple information, I use Ecosia
  • If I want something challenging to find, Google is my friend
  • If I want to search sth that I don't want to go down on my permanent record, it is duckduckgo or Epic for the time being, until I find the time to explore the other ones too!

UPDATE: Even for challenging searches Ecosia did a great job! Did not have to go to google not even once since I switched!

I think it's a great initiative but, being a bit of a tech luddite, I don't actually know HOW to change over. LOL. @eco-alex HELP!! So much simple tech information is ASS-U-ME-D and I think the lack off explaining and simple 1-2-3 makes uptake greatly reduced. And no, I don't have half a day to sit reading, playing and risking that at the end of it nothing works anymore. :)

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just go here

instead of Google. This company are legit, they are for profit, but put a LOT of their money into planting trees. they are accredited and real, verified..


Hello @artemislives !

Yes, you follow the link and on the right part of your screen you get a pop up that says "Let's plant some trees ....... Add Ecosia to Firefox" / Chrome/ whichever browser you use.


You click on that and then follow the instructions of the pop up windows and warnings that your browser gives you whenever you add a new plugin.





In Chrome it is even quicker, only one or two windows pop up, but I already have it there, so I added it to Firefox too, in order to take the screenshots.

From time to time you may get a pop up message saying that you have changes in your settings for the search engine and if you want to keep them or reverse to google. Of course I press "Keep the changes" whenever this happens.

There is nothing really important to learn before using it, it works exactly like any other search engine. After you add the plugin, either if you search something through the url bar or directly from , you get the results from Ecosia. There is not a chance that something stops working, worst case scenario is that you won't add correctly the plugin (and even this is not very likely). Anyway, if you have any other question let me know!

Hope I helped a little! 😺