Beauty Kills The Beast Illustration

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I made this illustration awhile ago because @agneslaczo hosted a beauty and the beast art themed contest and I planned on entering, but I didn't finish on time so it didn't get submitted. If you are interested in checking out those contest winners though you can see that post here:

I've been swamped in my personal life and have a little bit of opposing energy going on so that got channeled into my idea that the Beast really was just a beast and that it wasn't Beautys responsibility or (even capability) to "change" him. So in my fairy tale, she kills the beast and gets on with her life.

I also made a timelapse of the process that can be viewed on youtube:

Hope you conquer all your beasts today!!



Beautiful artwork... I on the contrary have a weakness for the beast, underestimated and unloved... call me old fashioned but from Hades and Persephone... I have a weakness for it... It´s one of my favourite fairytales I even wrote a blog entry about all the movie versions and variants of the tale on cinema that are many.

It is one of my favourites, this is just a recent interpretation...doesn’t actually reflect my true opinions about the actual story. I watched the Disney version everyday after school for like a year 🤣

Have you ever seen "Panna a Netvor" it ia a weird surreal czech 70s movie depicting the tale, shall try to locate it for you.
Lovely illustration.

No but I will see if I can find it