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To simplify the different definitions for "JUGGLER" just let's say:
"a person skilled in keeping several objects in motion" only should be aware that some of these "things" are made out of metal and some others out of glass.

As the titles to my artworks are most of the time a kind of kee that open's the door to the work's meaning, the Juggler seen above is also skilled, like so many people that we meet in the real world, in manipulating different personalities that lie inside him and thereby manipulate others...
...there are so many more jugglers around us...

steem next.jpg

"THE JUGGLER" 2015 motion-art by Werner Hornung

Werner Hornung_The Juggler.gif

This is the original artwork made in 2012

juggler 1.jpg

portrait (419px, 14fps)-1 (glissées) (275px, 25fps).gif

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