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Hello to all my creatives of steemit, This is the process of the portrait I made of Leeteuk for his birthday.

Leeteuk is the leader of the kpop group Super Junior, which is my favorite group, Leeteuk is one of the most admired people in the world, in his personal life many difficult moments have passed and I recently revealed that he endured anything with so as not to worry the other members of the group and their fans because he wants everyone to be well and be someone that others can support at any time, teuk always smiles at his fans, receives his gifts personally, shares everything on social networks , all the people who have worked with him feel the need to say how wonderful it is because they always end up surprised because they affirm that he is a humble, cordial, kind person, always smiling and attentive to the people that surround him in his work.

He is an example of hard work, humility first of all be who you are, and always be grateful to your work team, friends and people who support you, he is always surprised everyone. Not long ago there was a situation in which he was the presenter of a program in other groups, the fans of the other groups were waiting for a place and snack for the entire program but did not count on the Elf (super admirers). junior) would attend since he was the presenter and not a participant, although the elf pronounced the program or took the account, Leeteuk found out about this and got a place for everyone who came to see him, and although they were far away, his breaks he was going to see how everyone was and share with them, the staff of the program did not want to resolve the situation and just ignored this and did not prepare snacks for the elf since the program started in the morning and ended until later, Leeteuk of his money bought food for all those who attended to support him that day, he really is a good person even when he was tired his moments he took them to be with elf, really he deserves the nickname that he has, I think he is really an angel hahaha.

I do not dedicate myself to making portraits, I only do them when someone I like a lot, so I do everything almost freehand XD I do not start with great techniques.

After making the sketch, I always start by painting the face and then the eyes.

It cost me enough to paint the clothes> - <

And finally the hair, sometimes it gives me a bit of annoyance to paint my hair but this time I draw it quite fast, in an afternoon I finished it, I thought I would like more.

After finishing the hair is to finish adding all the shadows and more details on the face because I had doubts with the colors> - <

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I was going to say welcome to Steemit, but it looks like you’ve been here for quite awhile. You’ve got a very colorful blog, by the way. 👍🏿

This a great portrait @tsukiaorose, thank you for translating this one to English for us. I’ve never heard of Leeteuk until now but this colored pencil drawing is exceptional.

Thank you very much for your words, it's good that you enjoy my content. :)

good Thank you for your interest in KPOP.

Thank you for your comment :)

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Thank you very much for taking into account my drawing!

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